Its Never too Late…


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Have you ever felt that you are too late to change or to learn something new? Let me tell you today, “ITS NEVER TOO LATE”

I was talking to an old guy once, to break silence in the office while carrying on with our duties, the conversation made us alive and keep on working. The topic we picked is can an old person be enrolled in learning sessions and learn as any person, the reason he though it might  be is, Old people are facing hardship to learn as they are getting old and their mind as well are too old to learn something new.

The reason might seem a bit convincing when you imagine an old guy of almost 60 to 80`s in class learning. What do you think? What would have been your answer if your were in my shoes?

I told him, learning is a choice despite the age. I understand as we got old, our learning capability decreases due to aging but that should not be an excuse not to learn and stay idle. He finally agreed with me somehow.

Would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Don`t let Setback Hold Down From Living.

One of the secrets to maintaining good self-esteem is having the ability to cope with life adversities. There are many aspects of life that I don’t understand; At times I don’t understand why other people suffer so much, I don’t understand why people treat others so badly, some spend their time talking about other people and make unpleasant wishes towards their life, while they are irresponsible to their own lives. Why many keep watching at your back when you fail that they have something to talk about.

Life can be crazy again it is not an easy experience to understand, it can be a happy filled with smiles and happy moments, again it can be a pain full of tears and disappointments, failure and success, honesty and dishonesty. Definition to life is very controversial.

We can all be positive, courageous and confident by looking at life with a better perspective, put our expectation where we can reach them. Life cannot be in the way we want to it to be all the time, as we cannot always get what we want we did not create life so we better make it positive and use every moments as it can never come back.

Don’t compare life with other people`s understanding, people who live with one meal a day have their own perspective differently from those who choose what to have in a day. Those who have galleries of clothes also differ with those who have sole one cloth to fit every day.

Those happy in relationships perceives the same to life differently to those who got heart broken and decided to live with it.

So its time to create your own self-esteem and your own image to life and find more meaning in life by developing the state of mind that realizes how broad the range of life experiences are. When you have frame to life how broad life experiences are, you are less likely to get knocked off balance.

You can learn a lot about yourself through life adversities, learn enough and do not allow bad experiences hold you don from living your life. Keep moving and live your life. Don’t let anything stop you.

Vengeance pays no bill.

Revenge is a bad terms to be used in life… do not do to others what you don’t want to be done unto you (the bible says)

Well, let`s take it from the bottom. In my life, the life I have lived around people and I myself included as a victim as well.

There came a relationship life that we all have to go through, not necessarily though but it is automatically coming our way. We come across people that touch our heart, love us, and care for us. Contentment fills the hollow inside us, at the end we believe in ourselves again. Those people who become guardian angel and safe box for our problems and happiness times. We feel secure and happiness to share every tiny details of our happiness.

On the process, we give and share all that we have with them because we believe; they are the ones to share life time with. We forget, they are not to stay, they are not maybe meant to become part of us in the world.

As we are all human however, they decided to leave and keep on searching for their treasure in the world, we become so angry and hurt because we want them for ourselves, we have made a lot of plans with them and it is just so hard to let them go on their journey.

Finally, after our intrapersonal battle becomes so loud, now we also decide to do the same to other people play with their feelings and heart because we want to revenge by breaking their hearts as others have done.

I tell you, there is no good in revenge, there is no reason to be angry at life because someone is no longer with you or has broken your heart, has stolen the treasure you have kept all your life.

There is no point to getting you in to a monster and try so hard to cope with the life they live.

Be your own, courageous, strong, opportunistic and ambitious to make your life meaningful and successful. It is the best revenge in the world rather than wasting your time on something that will not give you a trophy in the end.

Do not revenge, impact positively on others` life. Create a legacy that will live in people`s life for eternity.

Written by Felix Massinda

Leave no STONE unturned…

Piles of book to read

Every page covers a plan undone

Ahead I want to go

While pages are closed

Every new day drives its own activity

Though time is the same

Only change of activities

Makes it different

Every now and then

If everyday seem the same

Will spend all our life reading the same page

No one will open the following page

Unless you decide to turn it over

Everyday someone writes a new chapter

How many have you written?

How many books have you read?

How many headings have you come across?

Don’t put blame to habit of no reading

Put it consumed in your laziness to open one

Consider it your stagnant point if you haven’t touched a pen to living

Many stones need relocation

Many pages need editing

Many headings need replacement.

Don’t be scared people will criticize your book

That’s the only way to becoming experienced and competent

Start now reading the book

Edit headings and publish your thought to the history of your life

Be the legend to your own action

Locate all the stone un-replaced

Find valuable ones and turn them to Gold.

Life is just so amazing

If we don’t leave no stone unturned.

Written by Felix Massinda

They are watching…. i don`t care

Well, a life of a community comprises millions of characters. every one is unique in his/her own way. As people are different in their own ways, even their life vision base on their own perspectives.

There are those who plan their life and make their plan work but again there are those who try so hard to understand other people`s plan and try to work them in they are own way.

Whatever works in your plan, they will talk about it, you buy a house, you got a job, you be appraised, you marry,……. almost everything you do, they will criticize.
Don`t you worry when they do, keep your plans and life on track, if you follow whatever they say, nothing in your life will be accomplished, they have nothing to plan and work them out. Mind your own business and move on.

Written by Felix Massinda

Dare Not…

Along smooth I go

Grab every Yes I can

Later, sensitize it strongly

Forgetting life is a choice.


Along the way

Colors fascinate my eyes

Rise desire of my heart

Openly, Yes enforce

Aspire my courage to live

A life with strings loose


A knot to tight

Where any can unknot

I never reached the destination

For No has never come along the journey

I dare not standing on the fence

For life is too hot to embrace

But rather too sweet to care with reasons.


Written by Felix Massinda.

It matters…..

It matters little until realized

Having it all in our hands leads us no where

But rather using what we don’t have

Takes us somewhere.


We forget all sweat for aren’t useless as nothing fought for

Dying thirsty in the ocean is the death wished for

Lying hunger in the arable land is the wish of lazy people


It matters until someone says it`s worthy

It has always served a lot…

Mostly those who forget their traits and wear somebody`s

Starve in the plenty given

Life is the way it is

No matter how fascinating it is

It is just life

Because it matters a little until…


Written by Felix Massinda

Tips to Learning new Language

It inspires seeing an adult putting  enough time to learning, not given time at work rather five or ten minutes to learn a new thing. It takes more time to learn though wasted time of all, is the time gone with unnecessary use of daily planned activities.

Not only learning needs dedication and devotion to it, but also our daily lives including job, family and many of the sorts, so as to achieve the goals, we need to be visionary of our own.

I remember my time in college; I tried so hard to learn French though I wasn’t as anxious as I am now. I need within time to come… my French needs to flow nicely from my tongue and that’s what I need.

On top of all, I have tried to analyze some few tips that I think will be useful to those who needs to learn new foreign language. Here come the tips

  • Practice makes perfect: I understand it is an ancient word though it`s meaning is still alive and very useful. A language does not appear magically, it comes through lots and lots of practice. “Practice, practice, Practice” Language won’t come as easy as we might think, however when we start using it in our daily life, it will come in time and will become as fluent as others.
  • Don’t be embarrasses. Many people particular as they get older, are reluctant to practice a foreign language because the fee; shy or are anxious to making mistakes. Without mistakes, we cannot understand how far we can go or how much more we can embrace.
  • Have fun: enjoy the experience. If approached like a dull and wearing some task, studying a language will not be effective and your motivation will weaken. There are plenty of resources available into the learning process. Language learning is  not a test, you need to take pleasure in it.
  • Customize your learning experience. Everyone learns in different ways, so it is best to experiment until you find what works best for you. Plan your language learning in a way that suits you and your daily routine.
  • Use the language regularly. Like your car, failing to take your language for a regular spin can make it sluggish and rusty.
  • Be realistic. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Set clear and realistic targets.
  •  The past is no guide. Some people think because they did not manage to learn a language at school, they will not be able to do so in later life. However, lots of people who did not do well at school learn a language when they are older, partly thanks to enjoyable and effective modern methods and a greater motivation to learn.
  • New thinking. Learning a language also entails learning to understand other ways of thinking and doing things.
  •      Immerse yourself. Expose yourself to the target language as much as possible.

…one day…


this ins`t funny

not funny at all

i brought you up

i gave you life

i sacrificed the hell out of my life

i was called names for you

life was harder on my neck

been so good to you

tried to provide you with any good you asked

is what i get in return?”


life was never good from the first place

slept in the streets

sending me to beg across the roads

spending my childhood feeding you?

what`s good of you anyway?

saw friends going to school

all you could was life wasn`t good to us


My son, everything has it place

i cant place an ocean in one bucket

i was born in the streets

i barely knew my parents

streets became my palace ever since

none came out good

spent my life wondering if you would have a home

here we are

same i words i spoke to my parents

don’t worry

they will be spoken by sons too


no, they wont

it want meant to be

it will never will

life is struggle


never leaving a stone in a day

in time

all will be well

i will work

support you

serve you from this misery

and one day

we will sleep under the roof

no rain will befall us

sun wont burn on our bare heads

just us having playing

your grandsons and daughters

will cover you with hugs and kisses

telling you stories they heard from school

and you will tell them how you rose me

how life stroke us and we stood firm

and that`s when we will sing

a song to our achievements

eating the fruits of our struggle

flourishing smiles on our face

and forever together we will be.


Written by Felix Massinda



your the sky the transportation layer of clouds

your the decoration of our world

your the reflector of beautiful colours called rainbow

your the after shield protecting us from destrucyion of our lives

your the absorber of our pain and suffering

your the endurer of the hardships and sacrifice for the one you love

your the strength

the hope

the believer

the faith

you cover all spheres of ma life

and i call you……..MAMA


Written by Nancy Suleiman

I will Smile…

a day will come and I will smile

like I never did before

without the fear of tomorrow

from my broken heart and faded dreams

through pains and the numbness of my body

knowing its time and its alright

to let the past gone and hope of tomorrow

though I will carry the memories within

of dear friends that resided with me

accounting of the goals and achievement obtained

and slowly to sigh as the tears rolling down my cheeks

without regrets leaving everything behind

and close my eyes never to awake,,,

u know I will smile again


Written by Nancy Suleiman 

It`s all i Ask…

Written by Felix Massinda

Ever been disappointed before… seeing life from negative point of view? ever been hurt and discouraged to the edge of giving your life for nothing? thinking of becoming a runner of life, just because everything you tempt to try fails bad enough you see no sign to prosper?

You don`t have to be scared anymore, how many times have you ever asked for something that really matters in your life and you don`t get it at once? Anything we do in this world needs courage and faith for all of us to move on. we might be good enough or smart enough to deserve all that we think we need to have, who said that some people deserve and some don`t? that`s where we go wrong in life.

If we are all human beings, who deserve better than someone else? we are all equal in life, we only needs to work so hard towards what we believe and have faith and courage to pursue them no matter the hindrances along the way. If you ask me, i will tell you, the time you want to give up, is the time you happen to be so close to success because its time when you either nearly or exactly know your fear that scares you to move on and its the time that you badly need faith and courage to  move on and discover the solution to your life and become successful.

There is no time to waste now, don`t count your life as a waste or a nuisance but rather discover how wonderful and unique it is. I ask you to have faith and courage to face your shadow and reflection of yourselves in a mirror because that`s what you have to start with for your successful life. Make it a new beginning.

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Ahead She Goes

She moves hard to define

Her life changes every minute

Loving she diminishes

For the lost of her protected truth


Is all running out

Dying the guts for fame

Strength she finds

On and on she smiles

For tears of heart sink her heart

Pushing is all she does

Segregating her words out

Forcing incredibly hot

Beauty is all her fragrances

Ahead is all she goes.

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Sometimes, we don’t get what we truly want…


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There are times we fight so hard to pursue our dreams and whatever ambition we have had for so long, we set timeframe for us to have achieved the dreams. Sometimes it does not happen within the frame we have made, should that be the reason for us to stop fighting?

Imagine, you are walking in the dark alone, you have no source of power unfortunately you hit your leg on stone and you fall down, wont you stand up just because the stone had hit you and make you fall? will you blame the stone for falling you down or you will stand and move on?

This is a challenge, despite hitting your leg on stone, you can still stand up and move on, it is as same as life, no matter how many times you fail, back yourself up and try again and again.

You are never a failure until you stop trying.

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My T-shirt

Five years ago, I went to market to do second hand clothes window shopping, I walked around the market looking for different kinds of clothes, they were nice I must admit, the moment I got tired wanted to go back home, I came across a certain black t-shirt had interesting words on its front.


The words printed on the shirt were

I have no Job

I have no money

I have no car

But i`m in a band

Before I bought the t-shirt I stood for quite sometimes thinking of the words written on that magical t-shirt. I call it magical because the words added value in my life.

They simply gave me strength to appreciate whatever I had in life, be it small, big. Satisfactory or not it was my life. The words kept ringing in my mind until today, whenever I have difficulties, they console me.

"Despite having not all the material things like money, car, job is still breath and live, I move on the fight to making my life better" I used to tell myself.

After the t-shirt got a little tired I preserved it at home until today.

It definitely gave me courage to move on and I bring them to you now, whenever you find difficulties and hardship of life just memorize the words in your mind and you will have the courage to move on.

By Felix Alex Massinda