Worshiping others

Well, through life, as individuals we are all entitled to our own thoughts and decisions. One of the reason we become inferior is because we give other people freedom to dominate our lives just because we lack something they have.

I discourage such doing, we end up worshiping other people more than our God. Its time to deeply realize how much you worthy and how much your life matters.

Never back down for some cheap talks from people that you can not do anything about your life. You have the energy and brain to work it out. Make that DECISION and LIVE your life.  


Life Boxx

Alone in the dark i sit

With imagination of my future i see

Stuck in my own beliefs

Scared to face the light

Yet eager to be the ONE


Across the wall i hide

Closing my ears to hear the sounds

Sounds of encouragement

That could only waste my time

With fear to stand up

I could feel my feet tremble


Another day, another week and keep counting

Same corner i sleep, same food and same house

Checking in out and out the color of the world

With seasons that pass by

Still old i grow with same beliefs i hold.


Until i realized, i am not growing any older

Rather young in my mind and older in my body

For a good future, equal should the mind and the body be


Today i get out with new version and definition of light

Today i change the cloths and the look from my past

Today i become a new child to the world

With new ways and new beliefs

Leaving behind myself old me

Now striving to make a new LIFE

To become the only ONE i intend to be


Written by Felix Massinda

Use your time wisely…



Time is a programme that has been designed to keep counting, so is our age. For years, people have been trying to study time and train people on the proper use of time.

The truth is, everyone has or should have their own way to keep time, this comes as result of how we have designed our life. At this moment i am writing, someone else is in bed, other colour their life with memories and other are being born, so how should time be managed. What i am trying to say is, find your own ways to manage time as long as it is beneficial to you.

The clock will never stop, You have to keep chasing your dreams, time wasted for unnecessary activities will never be recovered.

Be smart, start to act today, never postpone, be accountable, be proactive and always keep your day planned.Never allow interruptions. Be Focused.

The First Step is always the Hardest.

First Step Is the hardest.

We are driven by set of wishes in life, wish to become better and better every day, wish to have a nice car, nice house, have a family, live by the sea, travel to see the world, become a very famous singer or an artist or a football player or anything that our hearts desire.


It is very positive to have such wishes because without them, we can’t say we have a future. I have had so many wishes myself that I have not had all of them. It’s Okay, there are still days to achieve them.


However, I have come to learn that, wishes will only remain wishes if we don’t dream them, want them and work towards them. We have come through many instances in life that we tried many things, few failed and some succeed. Sometimes we become slaves of our own ideals. Without commitments and dedications towards our wishes, we will always have them without accomplishing them.


In reality, we cannot become what we have not dreamed of and work towards them, remember a dream is a map that leads most of us to success.


Be able to learn what you really want, dream it, work it then become it. Without such commitments, you will be wasting your time.


Success comes from hard working and be smart and protect our own, if we can’t be strong enough to take the very first step towards our dreams, we will always remain where we are.


Have the courage to very first step ahead.



Written by Felix.

Quote of the Day.

Be Happy to do what makes you happy and not what makes them Happy.
“I was told to stand down many times by people who couldn’t do what i do; I happily ignored their opinion and i never judged them. I simply tried to understand their reasoning. What i found out has placed me where i am today. “
Never judge people for whatever they do, say or present in front of your eyes, understand them better for you to help me.
Be willing to accept where you have gone wrong and change.
By Felix Massinda.

Who am I?


I believe many of us have asked or questioned ourselves this question ( Who am i? ) as many times as we can remember. There comes a time in life that we feel we are not doing enough to reaching the unseen dreams that we struggle to achieve every day.

We get destroyed by what other people’s opinions of who we really are. I have realized that, in life, we will hear so many definitions of who we are; most of such given definitions are the hidden versions of those who define us.

It is very easy to judge a person for what they are when we cannot become them. This mostly happen or caused by so many reasons, one being that we admire what they do, what they have, the influence or the benefits they have to life.

Have you asked yourself why do we need so much attention from people? Do we really have what it takes to capture their eyes? why we are so moved by people who seem to have caught the keys of the population?

There is not so much you could look-up  to that person if he/she doesn’t add any value to your life.

The definition of who we are is who we are ( the definition of who am i is who i am). Never make a mistake of comparing your life with someone else. Every human being is different from one another. We have different abilities, opinions, understandings, dreams, and so much more.

You should know that life is the same but it has so many ways of getting to us. It is true that it’s not easy to endure all of its challenges. sometimes we feel humiliated and that we are given so much more than we can handle. I tell you, you cannot be given things you cannot handle.

Listen to yourself, find your passion and most importantly, BE YOURSELF, If you can manage to become your own version of who you are, nothing will stand in your way.


Written by Motivationaltalks

Happy First Birthday Son



09th April 2015, was a day we met you

Since then, we realized how happy life can be

Holding you close to our arms and protecting you with our hearts

Has been the best feeling in a life time

You have your ways to calm us down during the hard time

Make us feel young and responsible every time you give us smile

Taught patience and love,

We know that there are days that we have not done our dues properly

Yet, you had been so strong and patience to our deeds

You have blended so well in life and we are so proud of you

Today, we celebrate one year with you

Today, we celebrate love with you

Today, we celebrate happiness with you

Today, we celebrate life

Today, we celebrate you one year Birthday Son

We wish nothing for you but happiness

We wish you the best in life

We wish you to live in God’s path

We love you so much so son

My God protect our Family

May God protect you and guide to live in his ways

Happy Birthday Son.

Written by Proud Parents.



Tears Poem

Tears, bitter tears flood;

Sight when sees not

Through this dark night

All future have lost.


Tears, angry tears delude;

Mind when knows it

Time sweet so empty

Aged like dust.


Tears, gloomy tears cloud;

Heart when feels it

Though sense pleasurest

Too soon went.


Mortal tears oh, tears

Spilling will you not

Failed you to hold not

That sweet past.


Weak tears it spilled

Between the fingers. It

did! But did what

couldn’t you halt?

By Di Orega


By Di Orega

I stumbled as bachelors roam
All winds spitting harsh cold
In this, poor heart limped, storm
                 Wander over soil
                 In search oh, my soul
                 Empty, empty toil
Weak sun soon retired
Marching higher hid behind the sky
In set, dark night, disappeared
Well you moon, untouched, smiled
Down the galaxy dancing my cry
As heart, to vain, called
               Sole and alone
               Fight winter oh, my soul
               Night solely lone   
Creepers sang songs. But unmoved
The heart gaze, still aloof
At afar world, away, it tread
Alas! Mine sight, in a wink, slipped
And the power seized, and she took
My heart, this thief, I once possessed
                Clasp, clasped strong
                Weak heart oh, weak soul
                Her, her strong
She told her majesty in brilliance
With splendor. Dazzle, dazzling my soul
Stricken, by her, by this sense
She fall my hands we dance
Her voice sang songs like coal
Burning. I melt, to ash, once
               Sense plesurest taste
               Sway away my soul
Wave! Not yet
My hands twined her waist
Head on my chest we played
Sense! Be a deep sleep, I slept
Alas! I woke. Frightened I felt
Like ice her body was cold
Blood froze. Flesh rot. Oh, ghost!
                She stiffed dead
                Body still, skin pale
                Hey! Yet stared
But oh, at gaze, eyes roamed yet
Then flesh falling still moved at me
Heart slapped, by ghost, off my chest

The Cry


The Cry


I hear cries

Cries of hungry children

Stretching hands for anything to sooth their throats

Disturbed voices and thoughts of their beings to life

Away from parents and care of the society

Alone they wander In streets, with hopes to survive one more day


From us to them

Torture we give and isolation we validate

Their life is ours in our concern we lose them

We forget our dues

And give them our backs

It’s not them but us who hear the sounds

Sounds of loneliness and empathy songs

Yet, we hide our hearts and block our ears

To the voice of the helpless children.


We cover our lies

By donations we request

Whilst we fill our pockets

And throw remains to the streets

We build houses by the sweat of our blood

We enjoy the sunset by the hearts of the need

We kill our tomorrow

By living in our comfort zone.

Written by Felix Massinda

Believe in Yourself, Find your Purpose.




I will tell you my Story

Back in the days, I used to play  football and my own dad and my brothers used to be my playmates. Life was fun, because everything i wanted was provided and given by my parents. I felt good and wanted to grow up so badly so i could play for big teams and make my dad proud about. Well, that never happened.

I grew up fine and i kept playing football, broke my hands and have fractures in my legs few times but i kept going forward until my College days when things started to deviate me slowly from football. Started doing a lot of things, school, projects, volunteering and planning for my future.

The truth is, around people life seems workable just fine but  when you close yourself in a room, you cant really tell what it is that you wanna do in life, because i could not feel what was right for me to do, what to pursue for a better future, that is when i understood that there are things in life that we can not change  and shape them for our own but rather believing in ourself and keep moving forward.

So, after all the struggle to search what i wanted, i kept on playing football, won few matches, its fun winning but loosing is hard. Applied for Jobs after college and got few but until today I am still working on becoming better. It is actually 27 years old and still my future is not clear despite knowing what i want to be then.

It is easier to know what we want in life and be happy about it, everyone has a right to do that. Share with people what is your life worth, what it is going to be in future. I tell you, they will all nod their heads and agree with you, shake hands and give you millions hug, the truth is, no one cares. At the end of the day, it is only you to step up and make your own choices and stand by then, it is okay to fail, but having the courage to stand back up and keep pursuing your dreams is hard, without doing hard things we are not going to have a life.

I have spent so many years living under people’s wings and felt calm and peaceful but hey, for how long that is going to be? We have to take our own steps and move forward. No one was born walking, we all started learning, until we made that first step and today, we can run. The same courage i have had when i was born is the same courage i have now. I will keep on walking in my own world, pursuing my own dream and make my own choices until i make them right and be happy about them.

It is time to stand for your self, never worry about life, because you can do something and you can live life only when you find your purpose. Stand up and believe in yourself.


Written by Felix Massinda

A Grain of Hope


Photo Credit | Alphonce Haule

I stood for hours , staring at the sky

Movement of clouds, revolving around my thoughts

Creating shapes, making sensitive sounds

With the light of the sun, the world is so inviting


As nature attracts the beauty of the heart

Beautiful smell from flowers

Every habitant is satisfied with what nature provides


With the beauty of the hills and mountains

Giving the best view our eyes can see

The sound of waterfalls and birds over it

Feels like heaven on earth


We, human come in and destroy all

All that nature preserves for us and for generations

Cutting down trees, destroying water sources

Digging up minerals and irrigate our land with blood


Throwing lives for papers

Abusing our existence for pleasure

While our faces are covered with guilty

Praying for the grain of hope


Hope that we have lost

With our dried throats

Starving in our own farms

Thirsty in our own water sources

Changing a life for a penny


We have lost our ways

We die in our richest homes

Nurturing ourselves is a myth

Few gain the lives of the nation

While others collects the chaff’s of the privileged.


Written by Felix Massinda

Treasure of life is Life itself.


Photo Credit | Alphonce Haule


I was brought up believing

That life is what I make of it

Yet distractions are part of it too

Despite many examples, still confused I was

The definition of life is life itself.


I was told to stay

Stay in the group and pursue life

Forgetting life is an individual entity

Pursued with a strong heart, mind and a determined soul

Until today I was, was moved by such belief

Yet I needed to see more


It was believed, a system we lived in 30 years ago

Was the strongest path to have followed until then

We couldn’t step on ourselves, crowded in stream

Latter than I thought, I figured, it was all a lie

One’s life isn’t of the other

Every soul needs a different life


Before I stood back and reflect

I couldn’t see the dawn

Time had gone with regrets of choices

That I had enough time to make

Time that I lost following the shadows

That only existed during the day


I had hope

I have hope

And I will still keep my hopes positively

Seeing it differently is a motive

Education is a path

That the crowd fails to praise

An escape route that we all cant dare to try

A success island that we all wish to jump in

And a creative fantasy that we all wish to have

Its freedom we seek,

To free ourselves from ourselves

Is to take a different look within ourselves



Written by Felix Massinda

Live wisely.

Saving a your words purposely means a lot than splitting them around worthlessly! 

Life is a path we all take towards directions of our choice, never judge members of the same family within the same boundaries, even identical twins will always have different path.

Learning to accept our failure is one step ahead to success rather than wasting time arguing to clean the mistakes! At some point in time every one will fail at something and then it will be your choice to either give up or keep moving forward.

You will meet a lot of objections and criticism, many will shadow walk you towards your dream while backbitting your life on the other hand!

Learn to stay calm and be yourself!
Written by Felix Massinda

Don’t Quit


Photo | Internet

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit.


Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns

As every one of us sometimes learns.

And many failure turns about

When he might have won had he stuck it out


Don’t give up though the pace seems slow

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.


And you never can tell how close you are.

It may be near when it seems so far

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

Written by a Poet |  Hafifa Bahfif

Weep No More


Photo by | FDdavidk

I hear you cry

Tears of pain

Sharp pain, sharper than blade

I know what you cry for,

You weep for your dreams

Drowned by failure

You weep for your self esteem

Clouded by fear

You weep for your potential,

Swallowed by you insecurity

You weep for the real you

Influenced by bad friends

And for your talents

Bombed by misuse of time

You weep for you dignity

Polluted by your own misbehavior


Weep no more, as it is not salvation to you

Weeping does not take back the hands of time

I hear you weep, I hear you pray

Every drop of tears,

Now be at peace, be calm

I bring relief of your sorrow

Wipe and stand up, move on

And turn back never

For I forgive you my flower


Weep never, loose your energy never

Light your candle, pour your drink

Share you happiness,you are new again

Feel my touch of strength

Like a butterfly, fly with my energy

Fly higher than you never did

Fly over the highest mountains

Are you awake? If you know you are

You will never weep again


Written by a Poet | Hafifa Bahfif

Stand Tall


Breathing, looking, feeling and walking
Deciding, choosing, living and talking
Just like a developing child; an adolescent learning
Just like an endless beginning a genuine yearning

Independent, supported or alone
Beg, borrow, or maybe one day I’ll even own
There is definitely a light and it is calling me
Close my eyes spread my wings and I will fly free

No more shame, pretend, cheap smiles and lies
No more ifs, buts, maybes or whys?
Who are you? What do you want? How do you sleep?
I know now I am not your possession to abuse and keep

You were right, it’s dramatic, and all for show
But it was you in the lead role, so desperate to grow
Like a parasite you tried to consume and destroy my life
Like a human being I tried to be your partner, friend and wife

Go back to where you came from; it is what you do best
Go back to being nothing,; an annoying little pest
And when you get there be sure look up high
Can you see me beaming brightly, lighting up the sky

Each night I am reminded that you are evil, selfish and vile
Each night I am reminded how lucky I am, blessed and smile
You should see them now you’ve gone; happy, confident and born again
All their own work, they erased you and survived any pain

It was much easier than I thought; you can’t miss what was never there
But unlike you, I did feel true love, I wanted to grow, experience and share
What a waste, a pointless thought and an unwanted gift
All you saw was credibility, an excuse and blame to shift

It is getting closer, that beautiful light calling me
Close my eyes spread my wings and I am flying free
It’s over, just give up and please let us be
Never again imprisoned, now and forever I’m holding the key

Your self-pity and fairy tales fall on deaf ears
Your stories and lies create no sympathy tears
One by one everyone is hearing the truth
T.R.U.T.H. comes with real evidence and proof

I swear this is the final night you will give me no sleep
There’s no master plan or cunning revenge for me to reap
You are a lonely little man, idiot, bully, gambling fool
You’ve lost again; tough guy but I’ve got it all
Do you feel small?
Pathetic and cruel
Down, down you fall
At last I am standing tall
…We’ve got it all

Written by a Poet | Hafifa Bahfif