I shall forever live me…

It has happened in many scenarios in life that we admire other people’s lives and at times spend most of our free times reading, blogging, researching and updating ourselves about them, It’s a good thing that we have people around to inspire us and show us that everything is possible.

Despite the physical assurance that everything is possible we are not willing to change and live the life we all most desire. Desire to live a happy life, be content with little we have.

The truth about it is despite how many times we try to live as how others have inspired us, life will always be different.

Learn, understand  and live your dream… Our lives are our responsibility. Be creative, content and accept the level of life we are, strive hard to make your life’s dream a reality, without such courage to pursue our own dreams and make the path of our lives visible, we will always be blinded by the same dreams in our hands.

Its time to realize that One can only live a life differently from another despite the alikeness.

Say it aloud “ I can only live me and forever I shall cherish its beauty”

Written by Felix Massinda


Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be – brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You’re playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so small that others won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory that is within us. It’s not just in us, it’s in everyone. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

By Nelson Mandela

What if…

What if this is the only life you ever going to have and the people around you aren’t never change… what would you do?

What if you only had one chance to embrace the moment you have been fighting for all of your life?

What if all you dream of becomes just a bizarre?

What if this was the last time to make someone you have ever loved happy yet you drop it on the ocean?

What if everything else would never be the same, the world, people, living things and every substantial things that matters to our lives?

Would you ever let your shoulders deny to be leaned on when actually people in need asked of it?

Life has so many question which actually our choices are the answers to all of them.

We have to embrace all that comes our way not to be so late to realize that when all not in our glance anymore.

Help people who needs your help, people like me who needs someone in their rescue, it might be their only chance of hope they are left with, don’t blow it

Never let your mouth be the weapon that takes away their lives instead let it be the castles that embrace them in and give them hope, shelter, love and their lives would need.

Its never too late to lift up someone, don’t waste a life for leisure, a hope for selfishness.

This is the only life we have.

Grow up to be the Person you want to be.

We are 7 Billion people in the world, One world with so many ambitions people make everyday. People choose their paths and make them visible for the world see and that`s when some find their role modals, people that inspire us in some ways, but again there are those whose lives will be discouraging what others are doing everyday.

We can`t avoid such people in our lives, they live with us, eat with us, play with us and even pray with us. We are all placed in the same swimming pool, we share the water and we cant avoid it.

At the same time, we have those who inspire us whose lives have also grown within the same society and succeed, they now live the dream.

With such example, it is a bullet proof that we all can grow up and become that one person who inspire others in a good way, change other people`s lives, grow up to be the person that someone would love to be in your shoes.

We all can make it if only we realize how worthy and important we are in the world, stand up for what is right, change all unnecessary need to better choices, raise the bars of your success and stop pointing fingers to someone blaming them for who you are.

The choice of whoever you want to become is in your hands alone not even in the hands of your parents, guardians or anyone around. You have a right to choose and become your own master.

We are all meant to become someone great however it depends how far you want to go.

Written by Felix Massinda

Be your own Version of Life.

A society is a large social grouping, sharing the same geographical or territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectation however within the same society people have different patterns of relationships individually, not to forget even individual goals and expectations to life differ as well.

Different traits will be seen, the hard working group, the lazy group, the gossiping group, the high class and low class, optimistic and pessimistic people and many other who might or might not fall in your category of life. Despite the difference in category(ies), all these people will live close to you (together in the same society)

Now with all that happening, we tend to have behavior of copying what other people are doing and forget what we really are, we also at times forget what are our paths and we step on others` path because we are too scared to walk on ours or raise the levels of dependability.

It is time to learn of your abilities and utilize your potential, In this life, there will be no any other version of you, no matter what you do will always fall back to you.

There are many challenges every one faces in life, failure and being scared to try something new have always been on top to many youth, not being able to trust ourselves to initiate something our hearts desire.

At times we make excuses because we cannot make right decision or being counted for what we have in hands, we tend to step out of line to let others do what we could have done and yet blaming that life is too hard. That has to end today.

It`s time for youth to stand out and change ourselves before we change the society and be the change we want to see in the world, the world suffers and us in it, we are counted useless.

Let`s not count ourselves by the population rather by the changes we can all make in the societies we live in.

How do I get my mind to settle?

For years I have struggled with what I love the most in my life, luckily enough I have come to realize being happy is the most precious thing that has enlighten my life with so many blessing and opportunities to life.

Proper selection of different scenarios that ruins happiness had been the greatest obstacles to many people towards achieving the same. Despite how lucky I am to identify my love for life, I have a wondering mind at times when I want to settle and concentrate on either reading a book, plan my day, save my to do list, concentrate on a task at the office, or deal with reasoning.

It’s a behavior that I understand might be caused by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that i don’t know or might have been caused by any of event, interest or anything that happened in my life… At time same effect leads to missing the part I enjoy, a very crucial part in every one`s life; Creative thinking, I used to be good at doing things differently, I used to be good with dates and not forgetting things easily until few months ago.

It all started when I had appendix operation on 28th April 2014… My mind started rating low of my option, taking me places I don’t want to be, less to all that my thinking, creativity, exploration, my curiosity behavior, setting my goals and planning my days.

It tends to ignore what I am hardly trying to make out, it might run out in an empty field, alone in a room, it tends not to stay up when I need it to.

Has anyone ever countered interventions, distractions? Distractions that you feel your worthless weak?

How would you settle such mind?

Written by Felix Massinda

What is Home really



I grew up in a family of three children, all being boys and i am the second, As African, my mother could not find us a maid to help her domestic and care for us as well. She struggled for us to grow in such a way we could neither get problems caring for ourselves nor ask people to help us with all our domestic works.

That being the reason, she started teaching us every work at home, cooking, washing dishes, washing our own clothes, cleaning the houses and all sort of works. I was the five years old when my mother started to put me on the line of work with brother, i started washing dishes and my own clothes, cleaning the house. With such kind of age where children of the same age are interested in playing around with others children of the same age, frankly, i felt a lot of my childhood fun had been taken from (from a child perspective).


Slowly we grew up (my 2 brothers and i) and we managed to do all the works at home and our mother could have enough rest.


All the training and division of works at home brought unity and love in the family, i also learned to love domestic works (cooking, washing dishes, clothes, cleaning the house). Despite my father being Police man then, we use to shift a lot places according to the nature of his work however we all felt close to each other.

After we grow up, school separated us, we went in different schools three of us and left our parents alone at home. This situation led to rare family meeting however we meet at different times and a the times no matter how few we are we still feel love and unity we were brought with in a family.


From this perspective of Love, made me understand that A home is not just a having a house to live in. having all good item every human would have wanted in life.

A home is surrounded by Love and Unity, understanding, appreciation, support each other and make every one in safe. If a family fights every day, they could be living in a boxing ring.


We all need to learn to create our HOME with love and unity, if you can have that, all other things wont matter in a family.

Tempus Pecunia

A brick of a house can live forever

Not if anything hits it badly

A life of the world can be protected

If its circle is well protected

Pushing the ocean into the pond

It’s a dream utopian had dreamed for years

A well monitored watch will never lie

Not if it had a reason to shut down

We forget a life span in our hands

Putting external factors responsible

For matters they cannot control

Serve the energy for the most important task

Rather wasting it fighting for the priceless coin

A bowl of water is never a complete eye of truth

But it at list its honest to show you clearly what a bowl entails

The nature of human is very dark

Clearly when its psychology is transparent

It`s hard to open the knot

Tied with an open mind determined

Setting the view of the house falls into the interest of a heart

The affection it gives not even the pain can stop

Intrigued it is

Until apart is the option to choose.

Sides will never set

For the time I bought isn’t enough.


Written by Felix Alex Massinda

Vengeance pays no bill.

Revenge is a bad terms to be used in life… do not do to others what you don’t want to be done unto you (the bible says)

Well, let`s take it from the bottom. In my life, the life I have lived around people and I myself included as a victim as well.

There came a relationship life that we all have to go through, not necessarily though but it is automatically coming our way. We come across people that touch our heart, love us, and care for us. Contentment fills the hollow inside us, at the end we believe in ourselves again. Those people who become guardian angel and safe box for our problems and happiness times. We feel secure and happiness to share every tiny details of our happiness.

On the process, we give and share all that we have with them because we believe; they are the ones to share life time with. We forget, they are not to stay, they are not maybe meant to become part of us in the world.

As we are all human however, they decided to leave and keep on searching for their treasure in the world, we become so angry and hurt because we want them for ourselves, we have made a lot of plans with them and it is just so hard to let them go on their journey.

Finally, after our intrapersonal battle becomes so loud, now we also decide to do the same to other people play with their feelings and heart because we want to revenge by breaking their hearts as others have done.

I tell you, there is no good in revenge, there is no reason to be angry at life because someone is no longer with you or has broken your heart, has stolen the treasure you have kept all your life.

There is no point to getting you in to a monster and try so hard to cope with the life they live.

Be your own, courageous, strong, opportunistic and ambitious to make your life meaningful and successful. It is the best revenge in the world rather than wasting your time on something that will not give you a trophy in the end.

Do not revenge, impact positively on others` life. Create a legacy that will live in people`s life for eternity.

Written by Felix Massinda

Leave no STONE unturned…

Piles of book to read

Every page covers a plan undone

Ahead I want to go

While pages are closed

Every new day drives its own activity

Though time is the same

Only change of activities

Makes it different

Every now and then

If everyday seem the same

Will spend all our life reading the same page

No one will open the following page

Unless you decide to turn it over

Everyday someone writes a new chapter

How many have you written?

How many books have you read?

How many headings have you come across?

Don’t put blame to habit of no reading

Put it consumed in your laziness to open one

Consider it your stagnant point if you haven’t touched a pen to living

Many stones need relocation

Many pages need editing

Many headings need replacement.

Don’t be scared people will criticize your book

That’s the only way to becoming experienced and competent

Start now reading the book

Edit headings and publish your thought to the history of your life

Be the legend to your own action

Locate all the stone un-replaced

Find valuable ones and turn them to Gold.

Life is just so amazing

If we don’t leave no stone unturned.

Written by Felix Massinda

They are watching…. i don`t care

Well, a life of a community comprises millions of characters. every one is unique in his/her own way. As people are different in their own ways, even their life vision base on their own perspectives.

There are those who plan their life and make their plan work but again there are those who try so hard to understand other people`s plan and try to work them in they are own way.

Whatever works in your plan, they will talk about it, you buy a house, you got a job, you be appraised, you marry,……. almost everything you do, they will criticize.
Don`t you worry when they do, keep your plans and life on track, if you follow whatever they say, nothing in your life will be accomplished, they have nothing to plan and work them out. Mind your own business and move on.

Written by Felix Massinda

All that Glitters Aren`t Gold

written by Felix Massinda

My eyes were covered with a philosophy of beauty, forgetting that not all that glitters are gold. Every item pleasing my eyes were so precious to me leaving behind what we used to be, kind, honest, loving, caring, concerned, so sweet and helpful. I know we are all not perfect but the whole idea of globalization changed everything.

Our mind are so busy turning humanity into asset of which demoralize our behavior and at times turn us into monster indirectly. Look around, how many people have you ever been with in your life meaningfully? i.e. you treasure every minute you spent with them or you have just been with them because of what they have or they can provide to keep you going?

I am not saying everyone judges beauty with behavior or character, I am saying beauty isn`t enough to say s/he is good enough to make life commitment or money and pride isn`t enough to make you go along with other people.

We are living in the world where those who have live in the same world and those who don’t have their world as well. Those who believe they have it all will treat those who don’t have as nothing. Young beautiful/handsome people look for people with same status forgetting it`s not enough to make good living out of it.

Its time to realize the value of our life and not the physical judgment of anything pleasing to our eyes , its more than that, don’t treat people, siblings, spouse, friends, children as asset. We are all same. Money, Wealth, Beauty, Pride isn`t everything.

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What I see in the Mirror…

Written by Felix Massinda

I wake every morning, trying to see myself through the mirror. Trying to see myself if that’s what other people say of me. Questions pop my mind, put myself in their shoes. What would they say of me when they have a chance to see me in the morning when I wake up?

Am I looking handsome/beautiful, chubby or does my character reflected in the mirror? Do people like me this way?

I know there are lots questions that run through people`s minds every morning and everyday about themselves. Some get annoyed by the image in the morning and spend a lot time reshaping it.

You might have different answers about yourself running in your mind, either you like what you see or you don’t, either way that will never change who or what you are.

People might be talking of you everyday but I find it unique,you become a role model in their lives that you make them spend their time talking about you.

So, its time to take your life positively, no matter how you look, you have a life, so go make a most of it, live it to the maximum, stop worrying whatever that wont make you happy and be yourself. Be the image you see because that’s you.

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I Love You

Written by Felix Alex Massinda

A word

That changes people`s lives

Move them in different direction

Its lovely how many believe in fantasy

For few follow the wind that blows some in mysterious ways

Encourages people to know their abilities on the contrary does the same

Risks people`s live, saves some as well

Love or no love people sacrifices

Bundle of definitions

Everyone has one

Experience it gives

People to define

Along the embrace it

Regrets are part of love as well

Finding it

Is what moves the world

Spinning it in our hearts

For our mouth to praise it

For our minds to think of it

Reshaping life for better or worse

Its all it does the most

I love you

Soothes life

Removes pain

Takes away the worries

Loneliness becomes a dream

Attached to someone`s life

Believing that’s life

Ending it is the hard part of all

Loosing hope and change of ways

Best way of "I love you"

Is self preservation

Alone you love first

Then someone follows

Nothing will disturb

Let love find you

For honesty and loyalty to define your love

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What Life Holds for Me…

Written by Felix Massinda

Our culture teaches us if we want something in life, we have to look for number one. They say life is a battle, a game, a race, a competition of which in way or the other I comply with this argument.

I remember in my primary education in school, when it came to examination results, few of those counted to have been in number one to ten were called out for gifts of which I pondered of it as scandalizing others who never got a chance. Teachers would stand in front of the students and start praising so called top ten students as the brightest students. I used to dislike the whole point of mentioning the top ten, that does not mean I was never called on the front.

Since then, I knew if you want something in life, you better work hard and aim for the number one. Everyone around are seen as competitors, be it friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates. Bad enough the more they win the less the chances you get.

However, at times we try to appear generous and optimistic for others successes but inwardly, privately. So many are eating our hearts out when others achieve, they forget that someone`s achievement is the commitment and self will decision towards what they want to do. They will push you and give you speech to bust your self esteem forgetting their lives.

Every mind works independently to pursue the dreams but at times greatness comes to those who master the art of we. Working together and share ideas at times seem to be the best way to achieve the goals and move on.

True greatness will be achieved through minds that works together with common goal for common benefit.

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The Dalai Lama:
“We each have a physical structure, a mind, emotions. We are all born
in the same way, and we all die. All of us want happiness and do not
want to suffer.”

“I believe that the proper utilization of time is this: if you can, serve
other people, other sentient beings. If not, at least refrain from harming
them. I think that is the whole basis of my philosophy.”

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We Are not Robots

Written by James Allen


With the ability of mind in” creating our inner character and outer circumstances, Thinking is an in-depth exploration of the central idea of self-realization and to take an assumption we all share— that because we are not robots we therefore control our thoughts—and reveal its fallacy. Because most of us believe that mind is separate from matter, we think that thoughts can be hidden and made powerless; this allows us to think one way and act another. However, the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in reality we are continually faced with a question: “Why can`t I make myself do this or achieve that?” In noting that desire and will are sabotaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with desire,

“We do not attract what we want, but what we are.” Achievement happens because you as a person embody the external achievement; you don’t “get” success but become it. There is no gap between mind and matter.


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Why Live in the Past?

Written by Nancy Suleiman


Why is the past tempts to agonize our present and future is it the moments or the changes once lived tend to stop a part of our life into a halt…..?? it`s your choice to live as a new person or still living in the past…some past are very painful that turns us into monsters that we hate everything around us and having a negative attitude to everyone such attitude, memory, moments or even the events should be left in the past cause it blocks the breakthrough of you to become, it blocks our future, it gives shadow to our present and resulting to unbearable person in the society…

You can say u don’t mind and it`s your business to live such a painful, low, ashamed or even unwanted life.. but the truth remains no one was created to suffer.no one was born in this world to have a terrible life and if you think life is unfair to you then you should know that all that is happening to you no matter the problem, troubles and temptations.. they happens to you because your strong enough to overcome them and stand through them all….try to put yourself into someone`s else shoes and you will see how different and difficult it would be if u live his life and how miserable he will be if he lived yours……so let the past remain in the past clear the past and start new relationship, work, business and be the new you….the past stands as the experience and builder of our better future by learning through the mistakes and cherishing the moments you live.

Go out there, become you and live you to have you in yourself control for the rest of your life.

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The shades of night were falling fast,

As through an Alpine village passed

A youth, who bore, ‘mid snow and ice,

A banner with the strange device,


His brow was sad; his eye beneath,

Flashed like a falchion from its sheath,

And like a silver clarion rung

The accents of that unknown tongue,


In happy homes he saw the light

Of household fires gleam warm and bright;

Above, the spectral glaciers shone,

And from his lips escaped a groan,


"Try not the Pass!" the old man said:

"Dark lowers the tempest overhead,

The roaring torrent is deep and wide!"

And loud that clarion voice replied,


"Oh stay," the maiden said, "and rest

Thy weary head upon this breast!"

A tear stood in his bright blue eye,

But still he answered, with a sigh,


"Beware the pine-tree’s withered branch!

Beware the awful avalanche!"

This was the peasant’s last Good-night,

A voice replied, far up the height,


At break of day, as heavenward

The pious monks of Saint Bernard

Uttered the oft-repeated prayer,

A voice cried through the startled air,


A traveller, by the faithful hound,

Half-buried in the snow was found,

Still grasping in his hand of ice

That banner with the strange device,


There in the twilight cold and gray,

Lifeless, but beautiful, he lay,

And from the sky, serene and far,

A voice fell, like a falling star,

Excelsior! [1]


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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I Questioned

I questioned softly why I failed

The touch of truth get laid to my hands

For the beauty I adjusted the mind

It wasn’t on the spot where decision came

It`s just on my sides where I can`t go forward

I questioned softly why sided?

One heart so many veins

One body different parts

Just a blood with two cells

Not just a thing to question my side

Have I knot my mind?

Was untied questioned?

Why question it questions itself

Its where bondage of truth comes clear

It`s just the question that laid in lives.

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