Life Boxx

Alone in the dark i sit

With imagination of my future i see

Stuck in my own beliefs

Scared to face the light

Yet eager to be the ONE


Across the wall i hide

Closing my ears to hear the sounds

Sounds of encouragement

That could only waste my time

With fear to stand up

I could feel my feet tremble


Another day, another week and keep counting

Same corner i sleep, same food and same house

Checking in out and out the color of the world

With seasons that pass by

Still old i grow with same beliefs i hold.


Until i realized, i am not growing any older

Rather young in my mind and older in my body

For a good future, equal should the mind and the body be


Today i get out with new version and definition of light

Today i change the cloths and the look from my past

Today i become a new child to the world

With new ways and new beliefs

Leaving behind myself old me

Now striving to make a new LIFE

To become the only ONE i intend to be


Written by Felix Massinda


Use your time wisely…



Time is a programme that has been designed to keep counting, so is our age. For years, people have been trying to study time and train people on the proper use of time.

The truth is, everyone has or should have their own way to keep time, this comes as result of how we have designed our life. At this moment i am writing, someone else is in bed, other colour their life with memories and other are being born, so how should time be managed. What i am trying to say is, find your own ways to manage time as long as it is beneficial to you.

The clock will never stop, You have to keep chasing your dreams, time wasted for unnecessary activities will never be recovered.

Be smart, start to act today, never postpone, be accountable, be proactive and always keep your day planned.Never allow interruptions. Be Focused.

Who am I?


I believe many of us have asked or questioned ourselves this question ( Who am i? ) as many times as we can remember. There comes a time in life that we feel we are not doing enough to reaching the unseen dreams that we struggle to achieve every day.

We get destroyed by what other people’s opinions of who we really are. I have realized that, in life, we will hear so many definitions of who we are; most of such given definitions are the hidden versions of those who define us.

It is very easy to judge a person for what they are when we cannot become them. This mostly happen or caused by so many reasons, one being that we admire what they do, what they have, the influence or the benefits they have to life.

Have you asked yourself why do we need so much attention from people? Do we really have what it takes to capture their eyes? why we are so moved by people who seem to have caught the keys of the population?

There is not so much you could look-up  to that person if he/she doesn’t add any value to your life.

The definition of who we are is who we are ( the definition of who am i is who i am). Never make a mistake of comparing your life with someone else. Every human being is different from one another. We have different abilities, opinions, understandings, dreams, and so much more.

You should know that life is the same but it has so many ways of getting to us. It is true that it’s not easy to endure all of its challenges. sometimes we feel humiliated and that we are given so much more than we can handle. I tell you, you cannot be given things you cannot handle.

Listen to yourself, find your passion and most importantly, BE YOURSELF, If you can manage to become your own version of who you are, nothing will stand in your way.


Written by Motivationaltalks

The Cry


The Cry


I hear cries

Cries of hungry children

Stretching hands for anything to sooth their throats

Disturbed voices and thoughts of their beings to life

Away from parents and care of the society

Alone they wander In streets, with hopes to survive one more day


From us to them

Torture we give and isolation we validate

Their life is ours in our concern we lose them

We forget our dues

And give them our backs

It’s not them but us who hear the sounds

Sounds of loneliness and empathy songs

Yet, we hide our hearts and block our ears

To the voice of the helpless children.


We cover our lies

By donations we request

Whilst we fill our pockets

And throw remains to the streets

We build houses by the sweat of our blood

We enjoy the sunset by the hearts of the need

We kill our tomorrow

By living in our comfort zone.

Written by Felix Massinda

A Grain of Hope


Photo Credit | Alphonce Haule

I stood for hours , staring at the sky

Movement of clouds, revolving around my thoughts

Creating shapes, making sensitive sounds

With the light of the sun, the world is so inviting


As nature attracts the beauty of the heart

Beautiful smell from flowers

Every habitant is satisfied with what nature provides


With the beauty of the hills and mountains

Giving the best view our eyes can see

The sound of waterfalls and birds over it

Feels like heaven on earth


We, human come in and destroy all

All that nature preserves for us and for generations

Cutting down trees, destroying water sources

Digging up minerals and irrigate our land with blood


Throwing lives for papers

Abusing our existence for pleasure

While our faces are covered with guilty

Praying for the grain of hope


Hope that we have lost

With our dried throats

Starving in our own farms

Thirsty in our own water sources

Changing a life for a penny


We have lost our ways

We die in our richest homes

Nurturing ourselves is a myth

Few gain the lives of the nation

While others collects the chaff’s of the privileged.


Written by Felix Massinda

Treasure of life is Life itself.


Photo Credit | Alphonce Haule


I was brought up believing

That life is what I make of it

Yet distractions are part of it too

Despite many examples, still confused I was

The definition of life is life itself.


I was told to stay

Stay in the group and pursue life

Forgetting life is an individual entity

Pursued with a strong heart, mind and a determined soul

Until today I was, was moved by such belief

Yet I needed to see more


It was believed, a system we lived in 30 years ago

Was the strongest path to have followed until then

We couldn’t step on ourselves, crowded in stream

Latter than I thought, I figured, it was all a lie

One’s life isn’t of the other

Every soul needs a different life


Before I stood back and reflect

I couldn’t see the dawn

Time had gone with regrets of choices

That I had enough time to make

Time that I lost following the shadows

That only existed during the day


I had hope

I have hope

And I will still keep my hopes positively

Seeing it differently is a motive

Education is a path

That the crowd fails to praise

An escape route that we all cant dare to try

A success island that we all wish to jump in

And a creative fantasy that we all wish to have

Its freedom we seek,

To free ourselves from ourselves

Is to take a different look within ourselves



Written by Felix Massinda

Don’t Quit


Photo | Internet

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit.


Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns

As every one of us sometimes learns.

And many failure turns about

When he might have won had he stuck it out


Don’t give up though the pace seems slow

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.


And you never can tell how close you are.

It may be near when it seems so far

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

Written by a Poet |  Hafifa Bahfif

Weep No More


Photo by | FDdavidk

I hear you cry

Tears of pain

Sharp pain, sharper than blade

I know what you cry for,

You weep for your dreams

Drowned by failure

You weep for your self esteem

Clouded by fear

You weep for your potential,

Swallowed by you insecurity

You weep for the real you

Influenced by bad friends

And for your talents

Bombed by misuse of time

You weep for you dignity

Polluted by your own misbehavior


Weep no more, as it is not salvation to you

Weeping does not take back the hands of time

I hear you weep, I hear you pray

Every drop of tears,

Now be at peace, be calm

I bring relief of your sorrow

Wipe and stand up, move on

And turn back never

For I forgive you my flower


Weep never, loose your energy never

Light your candle, pour your drink

Share you happiness,you are new again

Feel my touch of strength

Like a butterfly, fly with my energy

Fly higher than you never did

Fly over the highest mountains

Are you awake? If you know you are

You will never weep again


Written by a Poet | Hafifa Bahfif

A Windy Day


Photo | Source: Internet

It is too windy today

Houses swings

trees fall down

Ocean waves are too strong

The world is shaking


The natural causes are scary

no ways to stop rather being strong ourselves

our lives are in danger, children are dying

no good shelter for them

tomorrows leaders lose hope

The Country is shaking


Yet we have a chance

chance to leave all that behind

With effective decision

and free our souls

to wonder in pastures

with no life to lose

with one voice


We had to build a castle

yet we made mad house

with roof made of grass

which is not even resistant to rain

and strong natural calamities

Nonetheless we claim that’s freedom.



Written by Felix Massinda

Purity of the Heart

Purity of Heart

Photo | Unknown

It is with purity of heart faith stands

Firmly to believe that life has a life

Not to mentioned the disguised feeling we all have

But the point of arguing with conscience we become wise

Sweetness of pain is enduring with a smile

Courage to stand to the end

With the vision we win the heart


Great risk is playing cards on the broken table

Throwing whistles on the dying  dog

Loyal might still be, slowly dying within

Hardship is the best exam to everyone to stand with their minds

Letting them wonder flew away with good fortunes


Never let the desert be the loop

Nor the smoke to choke you down

Always have the courage

Until the end


Written by Felix Massinda

To My Son

My son, life is hide and seek game

you will have to seek all opportunities hidden from you

and remember giving up wont reveal them

at times they are knocking at your door

It only requires you to have the keys and open for them


Look around

People work hard to earn a living not to buy one

it is different in our ages

when a farm son would do anything to clean the road for a cent

would work in the restaurant for ten shillings

In your age it will be different

but remember a clean cent has discipline to carry the fortune of the world


Dishonesty is nothing but death in your pocket

Saving a life is far more better than destroying one

a lie living in your mouth kills a hundred on reality

never dirty your hands for pleasure rather work for it


Success that is earned from a hard work feels better than a shortcut

Being proud of your wealth would make you feel better than the bought one

I need you to go out there,

go find life, work for your life but never buy one

Buying one would kill many souls to maintain it

rather when earning one, will always make you find ways for another

failing at life is not a weakness rather a courage that you tried

and stopping wont delight your days


I urge you to keep going

search for your inner desire

take the life you deserve to your home not otherwise

live a life my son and never live a lie



Written by Felix Massinda

Until then…

Life is seem so disturbing at times 
Times when you wonder of it 
Today brings you happiness 
Tomorrow brings you sorrow 
And next thing brings you confusion 

One the right spot, we stand believing 
This is where i belong and on the other hand 
Doubts are over you, standing in front of you 
Proving you wrong that you are not right 

Things you’ve ever believed evaporates 
Stands you have always had disappear 
Strength you have had evaporates 
And the future you have always seen becomes dark. 

On that the same ring, u have a reason 
A reason to live for yet its not enough 
Lots of loops blocks you 
From seeing clearly the way 
Diverge you and takes you out of focus 
All these happen so fast 
You get lost out of no where 

You become stuck in that wilderness 
Trying every possible way to regain the purpose 
Solving every solution to maintain status 
Out in the open while from within 
Is a bunch of miscalculations and wrong decisions 
Wastage of time and lost hope 
Yet no many choices come out in the open 
The only one ahead and in handy is 
Hanging in there until then…

Written by Felix Massinda

My Life in Poetry ( Part Three)


One night, as darkness covered the world

With no weird sights

Tired of breathing for someone else

Sending out flares of tears

Holding into a dying hope of living

Anxiously waiting for the morning


A watch wasn’t helping

Time stopped as my heartbeat

Breathless I was, with fear of reaching out

Reaching to the world that I had set in my fantasy world

Skinned and scared little boy I was

Working in the middle of gunmen

Worried if a brighter day was to come

Before a bullet through my heart



Torn were my clothes

With a strangled faith in my hand

No clue a life wouldn’t be equal to any of its size

I mean if a life is life should be life for everyone

Of course it is, but the course of such life

Is set on different course to follow

All at once with objectives

Fall to cross on the lines set to surpass



Mine was close, close to morning

A morning of hope and beautiful dreams

Was a package full of life wisdom and hope

A sunrise that passed through the beat of a heart

That pumped blood to setting the rest free


Next day was remarkable

Putting biro on desk with lots of movements

Different styles with Fashion

Arguments and discussions that put out of place

Not knowledged I was, scared to walk in

 join and learn, learn to stand alone


Eventually, a dream came true

And that was the truth

Truth to a promised life out of the box

That could easily set a chosen path by fate

Scrambled safely with  noises and yet it was beautiful

Beauty that still shines in me until today.

To be continued….

Written By Felix Massinda

My Life in Poetry ( Part One)


I was told that in life you can’t make it alone

I believed and I was deeply immersed in such notice

My thoughts got caught up in the moment

Since then I became a victim, a victim of other people’s world

I totally forgot that life is independently owned

And success is through ones effort and determination


Not long ago when I realized I had lost my future for being so coward

Coward to listen to people’s fear of life and go along with it

Listen to what others said about life and made them my life

Not quite possible to move on alone I said

I was wrong, wrong to live under their shadow

Stay with them, live with them, laugh at the same joke

Eat same food and wear same clothes

I was in the dark



One night, one night when I got back from school

School that taught me a lot in the beginning but never told life is individually owned

Leaving such stage to another and I was told I couldn’t do it all alone

Disappointment’s, and anger embarked my heart, breathing heavily I did

 Confused and scared little boy I said, it’s enough, enough of all it



Enough of living other people’s life and decided to live my own

Tired of stepping on other people’s fear and started facing my own

I understood the hardship I was to go through

Yet I felt strength pursuing what I wanted to achieve

Struggled through myself in the dark not seeing myself in college

Was the fear I had for my life to end there

To be Continued….

Written by Felix Massinda

A journey to Success.

In 2013 the world has a population of 7.125 billion people, if you ask them the meaning of SUCCESS I am 100% sure you will have a lot of definitions, most of them you have never heard of.


Considering different angles of life, every human being has his/her definition of success and this because everyone has his/her targets to achieve towards life. I understand having a purpose or realizing your life purpose might either come too early or late in life but its important to understand that every life has a purpose.

They say: Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose, I agree to such definition. however everyone has his/her definition according to their own understanding.

It is important to know in every step we make in life, we move closer to our life’s purpose be it to have a house, finish selling ten buckets of water a day, finish the race, buy a car, collect hundred stones per day. Every activity gives us an impression of moving forward. We might fail along the way but I assure you such fail is a success as well because without failing, we are not learning.

We fail in life and through failing, we get strength to do better because we get enough experience and knowledge to do things differently.

A journey to success is neither straight nor polite, it will beat you down, take you out of line, bleed your feet and take away even that little effort you have kept towards what you want to achieve. Most of people fail along the way knowing not that they are to close to achieving their goals. It needs patience and wisdom.


Every journey to success begins with a single step, Never give up. Successful people never give up when they fail, they try to do the same thing over and over again. Find ways to move forward towards their goals.

To be successful, you need to put SUCCESS as one of your goals and work harder towards achieving it.

Written by Felix Massinda


Control your Attitude

Motivational Quotes #371

An expression of favor or disfavor toward a thing or a person is what determines how life is or might become. We eventually make it in our own hands yet tend to put on someone else shoulders.

An example: When you wake up in the morning, getting ready for job unfortunately when having breakfast with your family, your son drops a cup of coffee on your shirt, what would be your reaction?

Would you shout to the child or go change it and continue with your day?

Attitude 3

The same way we react to small matters determines how we live our life, Might not be too impressing but it is changeable. Realize your attitude and how it affects your daily activities.

Attitude 1

At times our attitude might be affected by the environment we live or kind of people we live with in our life time however none of them reason might be the cause of your own attitude.

You are in position to maintain your attitude in your life, if keeping blames on someone else to be the reason of the attitude you now hold helps be calm, your life will always at stake.

Being or not being stressed depends on how you treat yourself. Reacting negatively to everything we face will not do you good at all instead will kill you slowly inside.

Learn to control your attitude towards your own life. Life is so precious when our attitudes are right.

Attitude 4

Be your own Version of Life.

A society is a large social grouping, sharing the same geographical or territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectation however within the same society people have different patterns of relationships individually, not to forget even individual goals and expectations to life differ as well.

Different traits will be seen, the hard working group, the lazy group, the gossiping group, the high class and low class, optimistic and pessimistic people and many other who might or might not fall in your category of life. Despite the difference in category(ies), all these people will live close to you (together in the same society)

Now with all that happening, we tend to have behavior of copying what other people are doing and forget what we really are, we also at times forget what are our paths and we step on others` path because we are too scared to walk on ours or raise the levels of dependability.

It is time to learn of your abilities and utilize your potential, In this life, there will be no any other version of you, no matter what you do will always fall back to you.

There are many challenges every one faces in life, failure and being scared to try something new have always been on top to many youth, not being able to trust ourselves to initiate something our hearts desire.

At times we make excuses because we cannot make right decision or being counted for what we have in hands, we tend to step out of line to let others do what we could have done and yet blaming that life is too hard. That has to end today.

It`s time for youth to stand out and change ourselves before we change the society and be the change we want to see in the world, the world suffers and us in it, we are counted useless.

Let`s not count ourselves by the population rather by the changes we can all make in the societies we live in.

Your Dreams + Determination + Choices = your life.

keep going turtles

I have seen so many distracted people who initially had the very positive goals towards changing their lives, i understand that life has been so hard to most of us but i never allowed it to give me a reason to give up.

During my college period, my life had a purpose to complete my degree as we all are and that`s the main reason why we go to college rights? In 2009 i enrolled in a linguistic class here in Tanzania. My class had only 300 hundred students from different regions who were brough together by education, nevertheless each one of them had his/her life to take care of.

Well by then nothing seemed do right, we are human so we basically face a lot of challenges to making us stronger. It reached a moment, i though of quitting the college for sure and at that moment one of classmate had done that already so i decided to stay though life was so hard.

I came a cross an article of Nelson Mandela “Our deepest fear”

Our deepest

I thought twice of what was my biggest fear and i realized that i was afraid of my own life, i was afraid to handle because some of other people had abandoned and i though in some ways maybe the road i have chosen was so perfect. Then i heard a call from my cousin sis and she told, “ God gives us what we can handle”  then i realized that no matter what happens My life will always be my life, i can not be so afraid to pursue what i want and find ways to make it all alive because of other people`s thought.

I started making my own choices and have my life, despite that life was not so pleasing but it was fun, i had to do what i wanted to do at anytime of my choice.

Start where you are - use what you have - Do what you can - Arthur Ashe

I then made my life my best friend, i never thought of giving up and at that moment, i realized how far a mind can go when you determine to achieve something and make use of your life.

unnamed (1)

The life we live is the only gift given to oneself by God, never let any circumstance destroy your dream, set your goals, pursue them if they all go against every one around you, as long as they are your own dreams make them colorful.

Life is too short, never give up on your dreams.

Written by Felix Massinda

I remember…

I remember the struggle

Struggle of opening locked doors

Diving in the sand

With a sound of a Katrina

In a silence of my heart

But it was all a memory


A memory of playing darts

With my fingers on my stomach

Emptied hands laid in my pockets

With nothing to catch than my own thigh

A memory that never ended


It continued to down

That I slept walking into my own past

Baer foot, torn clothes

Wander on the road

With mud on my face

Pushed sideways

With those whose faces were straight

A memory that made me


I bowed down and rethought a memory

A memory that was in my hands

That no one could unfold its greatness

Not until I faced straight

Till then a memory was still valid

And mine alone to bear

Until my pockets gets full of all

All that everyone would call a memory.



Written by Felix Massinda

What is Home really



I grew up in a family of three children, all being boys and i am the second, As African, my mother could not find us a maid to help her domestic and care for us as well. She struggled for us to grow in such a way we could neither get problems caring for ourselves nor ask people to help us with all our domestic works.

That being the reason, she started teaching us every work at home, cooking, washing dishes, washing our own clothes, cleaning the houses and all sort of works. I was the five years old when my mother started to put me on the line of work with brother, i started washing dishes and my own clothes, cleaning the house. With such kind of age where children of the same age are interested in playing around with others children of the same age, frankly, i felt a lot of my childhood fun had been taken from (from a child perspective).


Slowly we grew up (my 2 brothers and i) and we managed to do all the works at home and our mother could have enough rest.


All the training and division of works at home brought unity and love in the family, i also learned to love domestic works (cooking, washing dishes, clothes, cleaning the house). Despite my father being Police man then, we use to shift a lot places according to the nature of his work however we all felt close to each other.

After we grow up, school separated us, we went in different schools three of us and left our parents alone at home. This situation led to rare family meeting however we meet at different times and a the times no matter how few we are we still feel love and unity we were brought with in a family.


From this perspective of Love, made me understand that A home is not just a having a house to live in. having all good item every human would have wanted in life.

A home is surrounded by Love and Unity, understanding, appreciation, support each other and make every one in safe. If a family fights every day, they could be living in a boxing ring.


We all need to learn to create our HOME with love and unity, if you can have that, all other things wont matter in a family.