Step out to what you want in Life…

How is life treating you? How are you treating life? Are you living the life you want?

Do you realize that each of us has the power to create the life we want if… we are willing to pay the price? What do I mean, pay the price?

There is a price to pay for everything you want in life. It could be time, money, classes, commitment, practice, sacrifice… the list goes on and on. Only you know what is the price for what you want.

I personally know that the price for success is high and that sometimes it takes a long, long time to happen. And I also know that the rewards are tremendous.

So I ask you, “What would it take for you to be as successful as you want to be?”

A better job? A deeper relationship? More money?

Are you willing to pay the price, no matter what?

If you are, then you are on your way to a successful outcome. Will it always turn out exactly as you planned? No, not always. Sometimes it will turn out even better or worse but that should not be a reason to give up on your dreams. if it’s something you really want. Take the risk and be committed.

I believe you can do it – then take a step in that direction. You know if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But it’s not. You are the one. You are the one that’s going to do it.

Start today. Start now!


Weep No More


Photo by | FDdavidk

I hear you cry

Tears of pain

Sharp pain, sharper than blade

I know what you cry for,

You weep for your dreams

Drowned by failure

You weep for your self esteem

Clouded by fear

You weep for your potential,

Swallowed by you insecurity

You weep for the real you

Influenced by bad friends

And for your talents

Bombed by misuse of time

You weep for you dignity

Polluted by your own misbehavior


Weep no more, as it is not salvation to you

Weeping does not take back the hands of time

I hear you weep, I hear you pray

Every drop of tears,

Now be at peace, be calm

I bring relief of your sorrow

Wipe and stand up, move on

And turn back never

For I forgive you my flower


Weep never, loose your energy never

Light your candle, pour your drink

Share you happiness,you are new again

Feel my touch of strength

Like a butterfly, fly with my energy

Fly higher than you never did

Fly over the highest mountains

Are you awake? If you know you are

You will never weep again


Written by a Poet | Hafifa Bahfif

To My Son

My son, life is hide and seek game

you will have to seek all opportunities hidden from you

and remember giving up wont reveal them

at times they are knocking at your door

It only requires you to have the keys and open for them


Look around

People work hard to earn a living not to buy one

it is different in our ages

when a farm son would do anything to clean the road for a cent

would work in the restaurant for ten shillings

In your age it will be different

but remember a clean cent has discipline to carry the fortune of the world


Dishonesty is nothing but death in your pocket

Saving a life is far more better than destroying one

a lie living in your mouth kills a hundred on reality

never dirty your hands for pleasure rather work for it


Success that is earned from a hard work feels better than a shortcut

Being proud of your wealth would make you feel better than the bought one

I need you to go out there,

go find life, work for your life but never buy one

Buying one would kill many souls to maintain it

rather when earning one, will always make you find ways for another

failing at life is not a weakness rather a courage that you tried

and stopping wont delight your days


I urge you to keep going

search for your inner desire

take the life you deserve to your home not otherwise

live a life my son and never live a lie



Written by Felix Massinda

A journey to Success.

In 2013 the world has a population of 7.125 billion people, if you ask them the meaning of SUCCESS I am 100% sure you will have a lot of definitions, most of them you have never heard of.


Considering different angles of life, every human being has his/her definition of success and this because everyone has his/her targets to achieve towards life. I understand having a purpose or realizing your life purpose might either come too early or late in life but its important to understand that every life has a purpose.

They say: Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose, I agree to such definition. however everyone has his/her definition according to their own understanding.

It is important to know in every step we make in life, we move closer to our life’s purpose be it to have a house, finish selling ten buckets of water a day, finish the race, buy a car, collect hundred stones per day. Every activity gives us an impression of moving forward. We might fail along the way but I assure you such fail is a success as well because without failing, we are not learning.

We fail in life and through failing, we get strength to do better because we get enough experience and knowledge to do things differently.

A journey to success is neither straight nor polite, it will beat you down, take you out of line, bleed your feet and take away even that little effort you have kept towards what you want to achieve. Most of people fail along the way knowing not that they are to close to achieving their goals. It needs patience and wisdom.


Every journey to success begins with a single step, Never give up. Successful people never give up when they fail, they try to do the same thing over and over again. Find ways to move forward towards their goals.

To be successful, you need to put SUCCESS as one of your goals and work harder towards achieving it.

Written by Felix Massinda


I remember…

I remember the struggle

Struggle of opening locked doors

Diving in the sand

With a sound of a Katrina

In a silence of my heart

But it was all a memory


A memory of playing darts

With my fingers on my stomach

Emptied hands laid in my pockets

With nothing to catch than my own thigh

A memory that never ended


It continued to down

That I slept walking into my own past

Baer foot, torn clothes

Wander on the road

With mud on my face

Pushed sideways

With those whose faces were straight

A memory that made me


I bowed down and rethought a memory

A memory that was in my hands

That no one could unfold its greatness

Not until I faced straight

Till then a memory was still valid

And mine alone to bear

Until my pockets gets full of all

All that everyone would call a memory.



Written by Felix Massinda

5 Phrases You Should Never Put On Your Resume

By Hannah Hamilton

Monster Contributing Writer

When you’re writing your resume, it’s best to avoid the cliche words that hiring managers and recruiters see over and over again. Even if you feel the terms are accurate, there is usually a livelier, more original way to describe yourself.

Here are five words and phrases you should avoid putting on your resume.

Hard Worker

Describing vaguely positive traits in a resume doesn’t prove your worth and may even undermine your value as a candidate in failing to show how you’re different. Focus on concrete skills and accomplishments instead of relying on personal description through adjectives, says David Allocco, a business development and operations executive at PierceGray, Inc.

“I would avoid the term ‘hard worker’ as it’s general and something anyone could apply to themselves,” Allocco says. “Instead, highlight actual accomplishments and results you can show off to potential employers. They like seeing data-driven numbers as opposed to general blanket statements.”


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