About Me

It all started in December 2012 when I had one night to look back where I came from to where I am today, through the evaluation process I came to realize that through the same year (2012 ) I had overcome the biggest fear I had in my Career life, the fear of not completing my College. I didn’t know through that process of evaluation was to be the beginning of my journey. The journey that is moved and pushed forward by Passion that I had never realized it existed in me.

Through the same courage I had and successful achieved my biggest fear, I initiated my blog for the reason of impacting individuals who either are in the same situation like what I had or who might have gone almost through the same journey to benefit and be motivated to stay strong until the end of their journey.

So I started small by writing motivational stories in a form of Poems and Articles also I volunteered to teach Primary schools while I was in college, reason behind was to impact the knowledge and make the young generation understand the value to education that no matter what hardship comes along, Education was not something to leave behind but to keep moving ahead until the end of the journey.

Few weeks later when I started writing poems and articles, I received good responses not just from people I intended to motivate but from  the society and that’s when my Motivational Talks journey  started.

As it may seem different, we have seen people capable of doing multiple and hide their talents under the ground because they are too scared to attempt and do what the heart desire.

We intend to spread these inspirations through blogs writing and testimonials of people whom they have succeeded in their career through different situations.

The point behind is to make everyone believe in themselves and open their mind to whatever opportunity they have ahead. There might be different scenarios that discourage people from going after their dreams and less competition for what they have been waiting in a life time.

Motivational Talks blog brings you the platform that makes you believe and understand your nature of wellbeing. It is through writing and educating people to go after their dreams.

Now, Motivational Talks is not just a blog but a life changer platform  looking forward to add the motives of positive change through our Motivational writings, Motivational Talks, Counselling and through Public Inspirations.

Today, Motivational Talks team invite you to join the movement of a life changing through mail( This  will give you notifications for every post shared).


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