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My name is you

Everyone calls me that

No one listens my call

Desire to change the name

For years its been tagging game

Naming prospers them in me

Names I can call myself

You, prospered my brand

Defining me they started

Forgeting who they are

Lonely, poor, coward, skunk

All they could call,

Talk of the day I always was

A great wake up call I had

Matters not what name I have,

Matters much what I do

Writing names down is what I do

For you to read yours

Makes you feel inferior

Closed my ears

Feeling the wind

That showed me direction

Standing on the ledge

Fearing death out of me

Never die standing

Pen in hand

Names I choose

You is all gone

Me is all exists

Living life “meing”

You, was all gone

Me is my presents

Find you me in you

And change your name now

Me, is my perfect match.




By Motivationaltalks


16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i started to follow your ideas before you put them out here, i was praying the world to get a chance to hear constructive and inspiring thoughts you are blessed with. keep the good work alive.

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