Face your Storms…

We are Born to Live Life.png

I have been too afraid to start something new, afraid to let people in and understand who I really am because I am not complete like any of you. Most times, as human, we tend to show people what they want to see and not the really us because we might make them like us.

When life knocks us down, we still pretend to be fine and move on with life, we smile in our worst times, we laugh when we are broken inside, we cry only when we are alone, because we have been taught that it is weakness to cry in public, afraid to be alone and contemplate our life because we are scared to face the reality. It is okay to be scared, every person has something they are scared of.

We are created and molded according to our needs, our environment, people around shape us are all created to mend life according to our needs and not to destroy it. Your life is an answer to someone else’s problem, live well. Learn to understand not judge, learn to listen not to respond, learn to lead not mislead.

Don’t wait too long to start living, being scared is what makes us human.


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