My Life in Poetry (Part Four)

Years, months, weeks, days passed

My skin started to shrink

My eyes strength diminished

Life remained a dying diamond

Without its’ beauty

It is just a stone.



I cried night and day

Without a purpose, my tears could shed,

I ended up in the same hole every day

Crying for the same reasons

Lying in the same bed

Seeing same people

Reading the same paragraph

Yet, I expected to become better


I was shocked that I became reluctant

To my own ability to strive the storm

In my needy days

My mind wondered nowhere than in its own boundary

Days of living were countless

I figured that if I am to live differently

I have to be different



Difference between being different and becoming one

Still was a puzzle I had to solve,

My past engulfed my future,

With difference, I wanted to make

I aspired nothing more than misery

Torture and laziness

Were my best friends at a time.


Despite leaving a life of no improvement,

I still had food and clothes every day

Then, I thought, what is it that I am missing

I found out, there is nothing I lose more than my desire of a good life

Good life which I cannot fight for

Better life that I cannot dedicate myself to it

Lazy I became, excuses I gave out

Despite my contemplating days

I am still sitting on my own fence.


to be continued…

Written by Felix Massinda


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