By Di Orega

I stumbled as bachelors roam
All winds spitting harsh cold
In this, poor heart limped, storm
                 Wander over soil
                 In search oh, my soul
                 Empty, empty toil
Weak sun soon retired
Marching higher hid behind the sky
In set, dark night, disappeared
Well you moon, untouched, smiled
Down the galaxy dancing my cry
As heart, to vain, called
               Sole and alone
               Fight winter oh, my soul
               Night solely lone   
Creepers sang songs. But unmoved
The heart gaze, still aloof
At afar world, away, it tread
Alas! Mine sight, in a wink, slipped
And the power seized, and she took
My heart, this thief, I once possessed
                Clasp, clasped strong
                Weak heart oh, weak soul
                Her, her strong
She told her majesty in brilliance
With splendor. Dazzle, dazzling my soul
Stricken, by her, by this sense
She fall my hands we dance
Her voice sang songs like coal
Burning. I melt, to ash, once
               Sense plesurest taste
               Sway away my soul
Wave! Not yet
My hands twined her waist
Head on my chest we played
Sense! Be a deep sleep, I slept
Alas! I woke. Frightened I felt
Like ice her body was cold
Blood froze. Flesh rot. Oh, ghost!
                She stiffed dead
                Body still, skin pale
                Hey! Yet stared
But oh, at gaze, eyes roamed yet
Then flesh falling still moved at me
Heart slapped, by ghost, off my chest


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