Believe in Yourself, Find your Purpose.




I will tell you my Story

Back in the days, I used to play  football and my own dad and my brothers used to be my playmates. Life was fun, because everything i wanted was provided and given by my parents. I felt good and wanted to grow up so badly so i could play for big teams and make my dad proud about. Well, that never happened.

I grew up fine and i kept playing football, broke my hands and have fractures in my legs few times but i kept going forward until my College days when things started to deviate me slowly from football. Started doing a lot of things, school, projects, volunteering and planning for my future.

The truth is, around people life seems workable just fine but  when you close yourself in a room, you cant really tell what it is that you wanna do in life, because i could not feel what was right for me to do, what to pursue for a better future, that is when i understood that there are things in life that we can not change  and shape them for our own but rather believing in ourself and keep moving forward.

So, after all the struggle to search what i wanted, i kept on playing football, won few matches, its fun winning but loosing is hard. Applied for Jobs after college and got few but until today I am still working on becoming better. It is actually 27 years old and still my future is not clear despite knowing what i want to be then.

It is easier to know what we want in life and be happy about it, everyone has a right to do that. Share with people what is your life worth, what it is going to be in future. I tell you, they will all nod their heads and agree with you, shake hands and give you millions hug, the truth is, no one cares. At the end of the day, it is only you to step up and make your own choices and stand by then, it is okay to fail, but having the courage to stand back up and keep pursuing your dreams is hard, without doing hard things we are not going to have a life.

I have spent so many years living under people’s wings and felt calm and peaceful but hey, for how long that is going to be? We have to take our own steps and move forward. No one was born walking, we all started learning, until we made that first step and today, we can run. The same courage i have had when i was born is the same courage i have now. I will keep on walking in my own world, pursuing my own dream and make my own choices until i make them right and be happy about them.

It is time to stand for your self, never worry about life, because you can do something and you can live life only when you find your purpose. Stand up and believe in yourself.


Written by Felix Massinda


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