A Grain of Hope


Photo Credit | Alphonce Haule

I stood for hours , staring at the sky

Movement of clouds, revolving around my thoughts

Creating shapes, making sensitive sounds

With the light of the sun, the world is so inviting


As nature attracts the beauty of the heart

Beautiful smell from flowers

Every habitant is satisfied with what nature provides


With the beauty of the hills and mountains

Giving the best view our eyes can see

The sound of waterfalls and birds over it

Feels like heaven on earth


We, human come in and destroy all

All that nature preserves for us and for generations

Cutting down trees, destroying water sources

Digging up minerals and irrigate our land with blood


Throwing lives for papers

Abusing our existence for pleasure

While our faces are covered with guilty

Praying for the grain of hope


Hope that we have lost

With our dried throats

Starving in our own farms

Thirsty in our own water sources

Changing a life for a penny


We have lost our ways

We die in our richest homes

Nurturing ourselves is a myth

Few gain the lives of the nation

While others collects the chaff’s of the privileged.


Written by Felix Massinda


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