The Definition

Photo | Walter Kimaro
Its denial to contradict the sides you live in
not to mention the doors to your own life
Its not about everything but one thing that you are good at
Ability to stand on your shadow and still play the part
The part of your own arguments while believing you are not alone
The rumble of your heart would embrace nothing but the beauty
Not of what has been described but that of your own appreciation
Its easier to lock one door today and open another one tomorrow
but closing both would jeopardize the treasure
Treasure that you alone can not stand against
Undefined truth is always the best light
When you accept the colors of the rainbow
They would say you have to choose
choose between sides, sides that define you
and until you make that clear every one wont be your enemy
it is easier to pretend and live unconsciously happy
Or ignoring the said facts and remain with your own
Whatever the man says defiles him, same goes with thoughts
Engraving the beauty in your heart avails you
Standing in between your sides appraises you
and awarding your efforts glitters you.
Ability to stand through your storms defines you
It is a blessing to blend in with a purpose
Its nothing of value until you know your definition




Written by Felix Massinda


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