Until then…

Life is seem so disturbing at times 
Times when you wonder of it 
Today brings you happiness 
Tomorrow brings you sorrow 
And next thing brings you confusion 

One the right spot, we stand believing 
This is where i belong and on the other hand 
Doubts are over you, standing in front of you 
Proving you wrong that you are not right 

Things you’ve ever believed evaporates 
Stands you have always had disappear 
Strength you have had evaporates 
And the future you have always seen becomes dark. 

On that the same ring, u have a reason 
A reason to live for yet its not enough 
Lots of loops blocks you 
From seeing clearly the way 
Diverge you and takes you out of focus 
All these happen so fast 
You get lost out of no where 

You become stuck in that wilderness 
Trying every possible way to regain the purpose 
Solving every solution to maintain status 
Out in the open while from within 
Is a bunch of miscalculations and wrong decisions 
Wastage of time and lost hope 
Yet no many choices come out in the open 
The only one ahead and in handy is 
Hanging in there until then…

Written by Felix Massinda


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