Farewell Comrade

How do I breathing for no beam, no me?
How do I say no to myself when time gets rough?
Wasn’t so certain of my happiness and worth to be this way
If it wasn’t having you around, nothing would mean anything.

It`s been beautiful when we talked and giggled
My pursuit of happiness and value of friendship
Wasn’t so hard to find as I have you in me.
Had I have choices wouldn’t let this time come around

We lived the moments together
We shared love and crazy times
You treated with thoughtfulness, can`t pay more rather giving my love
It felt peaceful in my heart when you are around
Nothing could make me unless you said no

Its time I have to go and its time I can`t face it no more
What you have been to me is more than what I’m trying to inscribe
You were there when I needed you
You gave me unconditional love
You are a friend I won’t forget in my complete life
You are a friend I value a lot
I can`t say more
I love you and forever you will be in my heart
You are a friend, that have chosen my life over yours
I do the same.
You will always be in my heart, farewell my friend.

Written by Felix Massinda.


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