My Life in Poetry ( Part Three)


One night, as darkness covered the world

With no weird sights

Tired of breathing for someone else

Sending out flares of tears

Holding into a dying hope of living

Anxiously waiting for the morning


A watch wasn’t helping

Time stopped as my heartbeat

Breathless I was, with fear of reaching out

Reaching to the world that I had set in my fantasy world

Skinned and scared little boy I was

Working in the middle of gunmen

Worried if a brighter day was to come

Before a bullet through my heart



Torn were my clothes

With a strangled faith in my hand

No clue a life wouldn’t be equal to any of its size

I mean if a life is life should be life for everyone

Of course it is, but the course of such life

Is set on different course to follow

All at once with objectives

Fall to cross on the lines set to surpass



Mine was close, close to morning

A morning of hope and beautiful dreams

Was a package full of life wisdom and hope

A sunrise that passed through the beat of a heart

That pumped blood to setting the rest free


Next day was remarkable

Putting biro on desk with lots of movements

Different styles with Fashion

Arguments and discussions that put out of place

Not knowledged I was, scared to walk in

 join and learn, learn to stand alone


Eventually, a dream came true

And that was the truth

Truth to a promised life out of the box

That could easily set a chosen path by fate

Scrambled safely with  noises and yet it was beautiful

Beauty that still shines in me until today.

To be continued….

Written By Felix Massinda


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