My Life in Poetry ( Part Two)

On the morning of Saturday

I took the form without a single penny for college application fee

Thinking I had enough ink yet plainly my mind became

Every thought of a future life became blank and black

Still I had no second thoughts, weighing myself back was the last thing in my mind


Next thing I recall, I was shaking, sweating, and scared

Scared of how I was going to go college, no support, no external push

Alone I was but with a strong voice inside saying "Everything will be alright"

I was like a weakest wild animal born in the midst of lions

With a crawl and harshness of them just made me sit and wait

Wait for whatever and decided "Come what may"


I stood up, looked for options

Options to move out, work out, find out

Where my biggest strength lied

Lied within me and I had to see myself in my own reflections

Found my vision graduating college while sitting on the beach

With a picture of the ocean in front of me just made me confused

Confused of the way, what I saw was plenty of water

I am not Jesus and couldn’t walk on water


Employment was a way out

Out of all misery yet with such educational credential there was no way I could have

Could have got a job enough to pay all my bills

Day to day needs, school fees, accommodation, food yet sustain me well

Alone I had to, I had to move along with myself

At that moment I had to be my own best friend


Temporary work I got, gave me less than enough

Was important though as choice was not in my pocket

Running through the city walking

At any point in time the job required

Made me flexible at testing every part of weather the world could give

Sunny, rainy were with me everyday


Next stop was out of the city as per requirement

Had to work with people In my brothers age

Was so young to be exploited into any terms of life

Drinking, smoking weed, clubbing and got wasted

While them doing so, I had courage to stand in my beliefs

Saving for college.

To be continued……

Written by Felix Massinda



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