A better Place….

Responsibility is word we use to make us see and take care of what is in hand and possible to be made visible, the question is what responsibility do you hold?

We strive by asking donation for Orphans, we see how hard life is for them yet people kill children or throw them in toilets, is this how we are taught to love?

We tend to think we love and care yet we let children cross the roads alone, endanger their lives in front of our eyes. Let disabled live hard life, beg besides the road some send their children to bed for their day to day meal. Is this the better world we are creating?

Its time now we realize our responsibility towards making our world the better place, care for children , love ourselves and help each other. Taking life for a life won’t bring peace and harmony but chaos in our world.

Life is more precious when love lead the way not hate and war . We need each other and become one, through this, the world will be better for all of us.


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