I am who I am not

The fruits of my labor I enjoy them when they are still ripe, gosh!!!! What’s the heck wrong with single buttons??…Does it mean the less the buttons, the more handsome you look??..

Hit me if you can, but can’t change green to red or rather combine them just like guava. Never will I agree to be one thing, no, no fucking way… cuz that’s the simple definition of being STUPID.

I have just read poem called ‘two sides of a coin’ and one side is always wish the other to join, confused??… Crazy but spice, tears one bucket thinking that’s the only way out,.. Join? Why? Cuz I can’t beat them?? I rather stay up and think of nothing, my past is defined by the word itself. Its ‘past’.

You want to know the truth?? It’s not me they talk about. It’s the green color they see on my outer part, but you know the inner part of me and that’s red color. They don’t know am sensitive, romantic. Does that ring a bell to you???

Let me be your number one topic, the one who gets in your nerves a lot, u think I don’t know how good it gets when one gets in your nerves, make u worry and shit In your pants?? That’s what am talking about, keep getting in my nerves too, it keeps in on my fucking toes…I looove it!!!

YOU know what they don’t and THEY know what am not!!


Author : Albany James (Albie)

Email     :    albany.ngoitanile@gmail.com

Facebook: Albany James


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