A life Lost

She was my neighbor

Living next door

I could hear songs

Played on the radio

The songs she made by her own voice

Good voice for a singer I must admit

But same songs in different tones everyday

She lived alone in the world

Never seen her sibling

Rather other people

Who they argue everyday

She cried in agony sometimes

And pretends everything is fine

She did put her life in dependency

And her stomach grew big day after day

Abortion was the solution

Because arguments were her diner everyday

Alone she could live

Strong she could become

And successful was on her hand

She throw it away for temporary pleasure

Almost cost everything she ever owned

She is now gone

A 19 years old beautiful girl

Died during abortion

Shame, shame, shame

Not all shame put on her

But to those who misguided her

Showing her right direction

Instead they used her

Sabotaged her

And praised the pleasure


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