Smile my Child.

Smile, smile my child

Your life is too precious

Not wasting it for pleasure

Explore and expand your knowledge

For that is your greatest asset

Let not the world judge you

Let not them fingers poke you

Let not be swallowed by their big mouth

Control, control your fears

Are the only signs of trying

Be sure of your anger

And transform them all in a basket of positivity

Despise nothing that stays by you

Adapt fast to changing generation

Learn to give and to respect

You will earn back the struggle

Take no success for advantage

The effort kept for struggling

The sweat lost in the rain

Is harder being found under the comfort zone

My child, you will be knocked

Knocked by the same effort you have always kept

Towards your goals

Failing is no reason to back up

Rather a point to try again and again

No life is for free

Every earned life had a purpose in the beginning

Written by Felix Massinda


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