Do not live in someone else’s shoes

It must be difficult at time seeing yourself in the same position since you started working harder to be like someone you have always loved or what we call a role model, wasting our energy and time following their footsteps hoping that one day you will be like them. Its good having to look up to but you can never be them.

You will never be like someone else, even if you have lived such a dream for a millennium, Every human has his life we can never be the same. Look at this " Even twins who are born together, coming from the same womb ,grow up together, having the same age, sharing birthday end up having different lives when they grow up.

Life is too precious for you to make your own, do not let people boss you around, take away that one thing which you can never take it back. You have the power to make your life however you want it to be. Some choose to be teachers, musician, comedians, footballers, writers, or some choose to live a happy life, adventure life, some choose to spend their lives in a street begging. Whatever we force our mind into we become that.

We can never blame someone else for having a miserable life blaming them to be the cause, NO you are the cause of your own life. Even when you fail to pass the exams and putting blames on the exam, that won’t help you, Knock your foot on the stone and blame the stone to be where it’s not supposed to be is being irresponsible for your own life.

It is time to live your dream, a life you have always wanted to live is In your fingertips, make a choice, go find it hard, remember few can make that decision of being good at life, having a better life but very few can make sacrifices to be great in life, it only needs someone to be ambitious enough to anything for his dream.

Go out there, live your dream and be happy, you can never be someone else, you are the only you in this world.

By Felix Massinda


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