A journey to Success.

In 2013 the world has a population of 7.125 billion people, if you ask them the meaning of SUCCESS I am 100% sure you will have a lot of definitions, most of them you have never heard of.


Considering different angles of life, every human being has his/her definition of success and this because everyone has his/her targets to achieve towards life. I understand having a purpose or realizing your life purpose might either come too early or late in life but its important to understand that every life has a purpose.

They say: Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose, I agree to such definition. however everyone has his/her definition according to their own understanding.

It is important to know in every step we make in life, we move closer to our life’s purpose be it to have a house, finish selling ten buckets of water a day, finish the race, buy a car, collect hundred stones per day. Every activity gives us an impression of moving forward. We might fail along the way but I assure you such fail is a success as well because without failing, we are not learning.

We fail in life and through failing, we get strength to do better because we get enough experience and knowledge to do things differently.

A journey to success is neither straight nor polite, it will beat you down, take you out of line, bleed your feet and take away even that little effort you have kept towards what you want to achieve. Most of people fail along the way knowing not that they are to close to achieving their goals. It needs patience and wisdom.


Every journey to success begins with a single step, Never give up. Successful people never give up when they fail, they try to do the same thing over and over again. Find ways to move forward towards their goals.

To be successful, you need to put SUCCESS as one of your goals and work harder towards achieving it.

Written by Felix Massinda



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