You are who you are…

There are many instances i have come over my life that i questioned myself of my identity, I understand i  might not be the only one who has gone through the same thing in life.

Getting to know yourself and being yourself are quite two different things in making. Understands who are brings you to the ideology of knowing what traits and characteristic of your true you and being yourself is embracing the identity and traits that truly defines you.

Well, back in the days when i used to find it difficult knowing who i am and understanding the my life`s purpose. It is true what they say “People might wonder in a life time without realizing their purpose” I also believe that there is no life without a purpose.

I have learned not to be so obsessed with finding a life purpose because you already have it in your hand, at times you might feel uncomfortable and reaching a time you wanna give up, these distraction always come because we forget what we hold close with us and looking for a purpose. We become so interested in living other people’s lives forgetting that we place our lives in danger.

There is no shame is being poor if its a choice, no shame of being reach if its a choice. What i am saying is ” Life is choice” whatever we decide and choose NOW defines what our life becomes, every choice that is made today makes a difference either in you alone or to someone else and that is a purpose of life.

Stop regretting what choices you have made all of your life, there is still a chance of starting afresh  and make a difference.

Stop wondering of you are because that will drift you away from who you are. You are you and nothing will change that. Learn to accept yourself, be yourself and make a difference.


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