What if…

What if this is the only life you ever going to have and the people around you aren’t never change… what would you do?

What if you only had one chance to embrace the moment you have been fighting for all of your life?

What if all you dream of becomes just a bizarre?

What if this was the last time to make someone you have ever loved happy yet you drop it on the ocean?

What if everything else would never be the same, the world, people, living things and every substantial things that matters to our lives?

Would you ever let your shoulders deny to be leaned on when actually people in need asked of it?

Life has so many question which actually our choices are the answers to all of them.

We have to embrace all that comes our way not to be so late to realize that when all not in our glance anymore.

Help people who needs your help, people like me who needs someone in their rescue, it might be their only chance of hope they are left with, don’t blow it

Never let your mouth be the weapon that takes away their lives instead let it be the castles that embrace them in and give them hope, shelter, love and their lives would need.

Its never too late to lift up someone, don’t waste a life for leisure, a hope for selfishness.

This is the only life we have.


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