A Blindfolded world…

Along the road

i thought i could learn all the world could teach

get to explore and learn the possibility to walk

trample on water and float

i could taste every kind of food and enjoy the flavor

Feel the wind and strengthen my lungs

Yet confusion blocked my minds

blindness and frustration to understand my path

Instability of my decision affected my life changing movement

I was never alone though i discovered

too many on the same road

same destination had so many to pass through

Being strengthened by those weak they said they are

didn’t close my eyes from seeing

seeing through the china walls

cross through the thorn desert

stopped from drinking the tasteless water

and yet healthy i stood with my rights in my hands

nothing seemed wrong in spite of reading the blurred papers

that seemed in content of liberation

of many died in my fate

that i can not bare the blood of my own heart in stead

yelling at books wont do goods in serving a breath in curve of the lion

running wont strengthen muscles of the heart of speech

yet weakening the the tongue of fire

it is wise to close up fingers in a glimpse of an eye

saving a coin for the last chapter

wont fame a book in minds readers.

save a fish for the ocean`s purpose

bring a light in the blindfolded children

create a floor for the world to sit

and that would create path for the world to set

its own destiny lies in the road less travelled.


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