We are all human after all.

Within one thing we all forget in life is that we are all human and equal. We all have one thing in common we all die when our time comes.


It is no different to every human being, we all breath as a sign of being alive. There is no point of thinking that you may be superior than the other human next to you.

Our time in the world is unknown for us to start bullying those who are weak, no time for war because of superiority, no time to take lives thinking that you are better than other.

Everyone’s life has a purpose in the world. Taking that away stops other people to benefit and cherish that life after all we all live once.


I am calling upon all nations, to realize that we are all human and we are no important than the others despite of wealthy.

We all need a happy life to cherish, a happy ending to face, with hope and courage, maintaining peace and harmony in the world. It is an absolute proof that we are all human who want to live happily.



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