Project launch!!!

The Kitabu-buk Project initiated by Brownie Ebal is intending to remove all barriers to Education.
In most African countries, Education faces challenges such access to books, insufficient funds and inadequate teachers. This project calls upon all who are willing to help the education system to vulnerable people who lack such a privilege.

Lets hold hands together and support this project as much as we can, donate books either used or new to create an educated society.

Hoping we all can support, for those who have blogs, my followers, i urge you to reblog and let the world see the power of youth to changing the world.

You can also like the facebook page – The Kitabu-buk project.

Thank you in advance.



 The word “Kitabu-buk” is comprised of two words. Kitabu in Swahili and Buk in Luo meaning book. It was started by Brownie Ebal, A World at school Global Youth Ambassador, basically to provide underprivileged children with access to books. This is through people with excess books donating used and new text books and other educational material to this cause which then donates them to Universal Primary Schools  and Universal Secondary Schools who do not have enough materials.

This was an event to mark the first donation that “The Kitabu-Buk project” made. It took place on Monday, 18th August, 2014 from 11 am to 1pm at St. Joseph’s Primary School. The school was founded by the Roman Catholic Church in 1948. It is located in kyadondo, Kira Town Council, Wakiso district in Uganda.t is a government aided school that has 756 pupils…

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