They cannot make you but yourself…



14 - 1 (5)

Sometimes life gives us lesson to test our patience and knowledge to see how far we are willing to go. It gives us hardship and rejection where we felt loved, makes us feel alone and worthless, unimportant to everyone around us.

All that had made me strong, gave strength to carefully choose my own steps, taught me that someone`s life is never attached to anyone, despite having people around who some might want to boss you around, take your life away from you; Fortunately, we all have conscience to guide us through all of trouble, happiness, and all of the sort life can bring.

Its time to understand all the lesson and accept the challenges, learn something new everyday, be positive, never judge yourself or compare your being with someone else.

We all are unique and different, despite sharing common and some interest, hobbies but we are not the same.

Choose the road less travelled and life ahead will be without regret.



Written by Felix Massinda.


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