How do I get my mind to settle?

For years I have struggled with what I love the most in my life, luckily enough I have come to realize being happy is the most precious thing that has enlighten my life with so many blessing and opportunities to life.

Proper selection of different scenarios that ruins happiness had been the greatest obstacles to many people towards achieving the same. Despite how lucky I am to identify my love for life, I have a wondering mind at times when I want to settle and concentrate on either reading a book, plan my day, save my to do list, concentrate on a task at the office, or deal with reasoning.

It’s a behavior that I understand might be caused by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that i don’t know or might have been caused by any of event, interest or anything that happened in my life… At time same effect leads to missing the part I enjoy, a very crucial part in every one`s life; Creative thinking, I used to be good at doing things differently, I used to be good with dates and not forgetting things easily until few months ago.

It all started when I had appendix operation on 28th April 2014… My mind started rating low of my option, taking me places I don’t want to be, less to all that my thinking, creativity, exploration, my curiosity behavior, setting my goals and planning my days.

It tends to ignore what I am hardly trying to make out, it might run out in an empty field, alone in a room, it tends not to stay up when I need it to.

Has anyone ever countered interventions, distractions? Distractions that you feel your worthless weak?

How would you settle such mind?

Written by Felix Massinda


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