Its Time

Disgraceful unto me

Nothing to clean what is done

But knot that we made defiles us

Cloning our faces new sake

Doesn’t make a heart any softer

It time we get back to the beginning.

Cutting a tree won’t stop its roots from growing

Rather digging the it all will

Saying what you see isn’t all

What you believe completes its all

Its time be children again

Two pockets aren’t enough in a life time

A wise heart is worthy all that glitters you

A multiple fake story doesn’t hatch a life in a sunlight

Same as holding two smile with a same intent

Its time to paint the colors of my wall white

Holding hands in a desert slows you down

But holding the same goal runs you to the end

Grooming fresher wont medal you

Won’t even publish you a book

But holding you back to regretting joy

It`s time we waste all happiness for the world

Two lies won’t make a right

Two roads might lead to same direction

But both legs will have to choose one

We all human

Don’t judge another for what their hearts have decided

Rather walk and make your own a home

Time has never been enough

Starting it all with good will

Gives you all the time in the world.

Written by Felix Alex Massinda


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