I disrespected…



Used to live alone with a sense of fear

Alone I couldn’t survive but alone was all I could afford

Fear was best friend

Voices were loud in my head telling me

I am a coward unfortunately I embraced that feeling

Made it my own until it all started

All started when I used to let all that I knew

All that I wanted to be into someone else`s hand

My disrespect to all that despised my feelings, ability and my rights of being human

I hated being in the crowd

Alone in a room was my moments to remember

My head down, voice low, hide my true me

I was afraid of being noticed and fail to recognize my name

Slowly I was sick

Sick of all social life that necessarily had to go through

A life that everyone would push towards to

I could not understand, but fear told me all was alright

My room, my rules

Not even my parents could let me out

But again, it started to be boring

Boring to the point I started to disrespect my decision

Decision to lock myself in

Words that could hurt my own feelings

I disrespected all that stopped me from doing

I started believing in my own

I was tired of being bullied

Buried under the roof and being called names

Now was the time, time to use all my weakness

Turn them into my strength

Strategize and enforce all around

To understand what living a life means

Disrespect my own fear, was my own liberation

You should do the same.


Written by Felix Massinda


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