Changing the course…

Was at night when my mind had a lot to think about… not enough time to contemplate exactly what it was thinking about.

Fortunately, it made me think of a solution to why it behaved the way it did.

When we loose focus and be occupied with a lot of unimportant thoughts or get carried away by how the globalization behaves, we become lost in our own world to control.

Changing the course of life isnt easy as it may seem in our minds,,, it requires you to change everything you established earlier even sacrificing friends whom you think you cant live without.

Mind you, its not easy, we are not perfect and making mistakes are part of every human being.

Its time now to realize those mistakes and change the course of life to the way you have choosen to drive it safely. No one will question you but rather looking at your success and regret. You cant be loved by all, you must have some enemies to survive.


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