Don`t be a waste…


“Sit on your Seat before someone else does”

If I am to ask both girls and boys, who calls you every Friday and ask for your company, I believe many of you will have different answers.

We as youth have forgotten the purpose we are supposed to live and a dream of a good life. The point I am trying to make here Is; we are taken by the world of leisure and forget our future.

Many of us fight to live the life of other people and forget our nature. We tend to please people around us and break down the pillars to our own houses. The great number of today`s youth love to party, going places, having fun with friends, share ideas, having drinks and all of the sorts. Its not a bad thing to hang out with friends sometimes; I also have friends to hang out with and I do hang out.

However, there are whose lives are obsessed with luxurious life while their nature is so dark, are tempted to live expensive life that they cannot afford to have. For the same reason, they find other means to giving them such life they admire. The question; are the way they use to get the life they want the right ways or the bad ways?

In streets at night, good number of youth are selling their body (ies) for money, young and beautiful throw away their value to life and destroy it for one night or two or it becomes their daily basis please don’t say that life is hard, no money to start a business. There is always a way to making our life better through good ways.

Some sell drugs to make money, thieves, and all sorts of villain out there. All come from different background, but have different levels to life.

Let us all have fun and enjoy life, but again do not be carried away from your dreams. Have limit to everything you do, that is the only way to success. Despite the hardship, break through the walls of challenges and enter gate off success.

Better future will never come to knock on your door but will come in the best of your knowledge to practice and live your purpose.

Let`s stop blaming other people for our own failure, make it happen and shine out bright.

Be your own legend and life will be supper okay.

It’s all Life after all.


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