Africa Nakupenda (Africa I love you)

Have had scary days

but my nature calms my thought

reach of natural resources

yet poor they say it is


Its people are kind

welcoming and honest

patient we are

though used in advantage


We open the doors

when they need to enter

they hold the keys

stopping whats ours to benefit

in hunger we die in our own home


Our kids future

lies on the wealth in the land

explored badly it is

by those we kindly welcome


how ironic it is

dying of thirsty at the shore

is what my people go through


Knowledge is what we lack

obviously majority requires one

being brain drained

is what prohibit strongly


Our own people

sell their house for money

forgetting inside the houses

children are sleeping

slaves we become

for few chosen have sold us

selfishness we embrace

and that`s the trigger to own death


Blood everywhere

we fight with own blacks

weapon and money they support

then declining to get our honesty

Busy we are fighting

our natural resources they explore


I shout out NO with determination

i call upon the sleep of people

its time to wake up now

late yet it worthy saving a few

Its ours what we dwell on

its ours what they take


Let not those we put in in front of us

take for personal advantage

its not theirs, but ours it is


I call upon transparency

from open minded to rural dwellers

whatever done in our home

it is our responsibility to solve


Educating us alone

wont do any good

but the willing of our people

can make the education worthy having


With no learning they say

busy dying we are

life i live has dark future

wont let that become my sons and daughters


i will light their path

i will build them houses

i will put them in the same table

having lunch together

after all together

we sing songs of praises

respect our unity

and equality will be proclaimed


Africa is my home

Let us not let others lead it

let us be smart

save our own homes and all belongings along

i love my home, I love Africa.


Written by Felix Massinda.


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