To youth…

I am singing to all youth…

There is no life meant for us, it`s us who decide how our life will be and make it happen. I understand we are in the generation of rapid globalization and technological advancement.

Let us not be carried away from our path, everything else people do or have its because they have worked hard for. We are called the generation of tomorrow, i don`t even know what that means but i know i have to make a change to myself and to the society around me.

Let us not forget who we really are and where we are coming from, let us not sleep in bar but rather in offices, let us not worship alcohol but rather the almighty God, Let us not live under people`s control but rather let us grab the wheel and drive our own car.

Wind will go different direction; let us choose our own direction, for great opportunity will never be found in the crowd but in the calmness of our vision and goals towards success.

Let us lead without titles, show example to those who we lead and that will bring positive impact to us and to the society as a whole.

"Good morning to you all"

Written by Felix Massinda


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