A single Mother…


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I am tired mother

Waking up in the morning

And sit under the sun

While my friends go to school

Walking barefoot

Wounds on my feet

No treatment given

My cry is useless



In between the roads I sit

My hands I rise

Begging for coins

With no hope at all

Still I sit waiting

Poor young me

Who hears my story?

My children I carry

Whose father I don’t know

14 years old I am

With two children I care

Violence I embrace

With my children under my palm

Strong I believe

They are my hope when they grow

Single mother I am

My mother is now a grandmother.

Still it goes on

With all seasons of the years

No hope is afar regarded

As death come closer

I hear my children mourning

Garbage dump is my grave

Careful they put me

And away they go.

Written by Felix Alex Massinda


4 thoughts on “A single Mother…

    • What i have written is what i have seen truly and it hurt me so much. I decided to share because it could have encouraged few more who have gone through the same path.
      I believe your Nanna would also be glad to share her hard ship to inspire others.

      I saw this woman crossing the road, having one kid on her back and another one walking with her, she was also carrying her bag with her and it was raining.
      Tears came out of my eyes and i was so hurt. Let us keep on writing and share, we might not save the world alone but save a few.

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