Tempus Pecunia

A brick of a house can live forever

Not if anything hits it badly

A life of the world can be protected

If its circle is well protected

Pushing the ocean into the pond

It’s a dream utopian had dreamed for years

A well monitored watch will never lie

Not if it had a reason to shut down

We forget a life span in our hands

Putting external factors responsible

For matters they cannot control

Serve the energy for the most important task

Rather wasting it fighting for the priceless coin

A bowl of water is never a complete eye of truth

But it at list its honest to show you clearly what a bowl entails

The nature of human is very dark

Clearly when its psychology is transparent

It`s hard to open the knot

Tied with an open mind determined

Setting the view of the house falls into the interest of a heart

The affection it gives not even the pain can stop

Intrigued it is

Until apart is the option to choose.

Sides will never set

For the time I bought isn’t enough.


Written by Felix Alex Massinda


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