What I Believe…


Its another day that God has given to us, let us rejoice and be Glad in it. Smile and make your life worthy living.


What i believe in life…..

We wake up at times putting blames on our shoulders that life isn’t going in the way we want. We make a lot of plans everyday, putting our expectations high. We forget that we can not have all we want all the time. Effort and determination is definitely needed to pull whatever destiny we believe in closer.

It is you alone who will decide how your life will be, not whatever people say will make your life miserable. It is your call to make, either to listen to their words and live to them or decide your life and make right choices.

Don`t accuse anyone to have blocked you to be wherever you wanted to be, there is no such thing as someone blocking your destiny rather you alone.

What you believe in, is what you future holds. Make up your mind and go make it work.

Its your life after all, don`t let me tell you what you to do…

“ Sit on your seat, before someone else take it away”

Written by Felix A. Massinda


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