Don`t let Setback Hold Down From Living.

One of the secrets to maintaining good self-esteem is having the ability to cope with life adversities. There are many aspects of life that I don’t understand; At times I don’t understand why other people suffer so much, I don’t understand why people treat others so badly, some spend their time talking about other people and make unpleasant wishes towards their life, while they are irresponsible to their own lives. Why many keep watching at your back when you fail that they have something to talk about.

Life can be crazy again it is not an easy experience to understand, it can be a happy filled with smiles and happy moments, again it can be a pain full of tears and disappointments, failure and success, honesty and dishonesty. Definition to life is very controversial.

We can all be positive, courageous and confident by looking at life with a better perspective, put our expectation where we can reach them. Life cannot be in the way we want to it to be all the time, as we cannot always get what we want we did not create life so we better make it positive and use every moments as it can never come back.

Don’t compare life with other people`s understanding, people who live with one meal a day have their own perspective differently from those who choose what to have in a day. Those who have galleries of clothes also differ with those who have sole one cloth to fit every day.

Those happy in relationships perceives the same to life differently to those who got heart broken and decided to live with it.

So its time to create your own self-esteem and your own image to life and find more meaning in life by developing the state of mind that realizes how broad the range of life experiences are. When you have frame to life how broad life experiences are, you are less likely to get knocked off balance.

You can learn a lot about yourself through life adversities, learn enough and do not allow bad experiences hold you don from living your life. Keep moving and live your life. Don’t let anything stop you.


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