Vengeance pays no bill.

Revenge is a bad terms to be used in life… do not do to others what you don’t want to be done unto you (the bible says)

Well, let`s take it from the bottom. In my life, the life I have lived around people and I myself included as a victim as well.

There came a relationship life that we all have to go through, not necessarily though but it is automatically coming our way. We come across people that touch our heart, love us, and care for us. Contentment fills the hollow inside us, at the end we believe in ourselves again. Those people who become guardian angel and safe box for our problems and happiness times. We feel secure and happiness to share every tiny details of our happiness.

On the process, we give and share all that we have with them because we believe; they are the ones to share life time with. We forget, they are not to stay, they are not maybe meant to become part of us in the world.

As we are all human however, they decided to leave and keep on searching for their treasure in the world, we become so angry and hurt because we want them for ourselves, we have made a lot of plans with them and it is just so hard to let them go on their journey.

Finally, after our intrapersonal battle becomes so loud, now we also decide to do the same to other people play with their feelings and heart because we want to revenge by breaking their hearts as others have done.

I tell you, there is no good in revenge, there is no reason to be angry at life because someone is no longer with you or has broken your heart, has stolen the treasure you have kept all your life.

There is no point to getting you in to a monster and try so hard to cope with the life they live.

Be your own, courageous, strong, opportunistic and ambitious to make your life meaningful and successful. It is the best revenge in the world rather than wasting your time on something that will not give you a trophy in the end.

Do not revenge, impact positively on others` life. Create a legacy that will live in people`s life for eternity.

Written by Felix Massinda


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