Leave no STONE unturned…

Piles of book to read

Every page covers a plan undone

Ahead I want to go

While pages are closed

Every new day drives its own activity

Though time is the same

Only change of activities

Makes it different

Every now and then

If everyday seem the same

Will spend all our life reading the same page

No one will open the following page

Unless you decide to turn it over

Everyday someone writes a new chapter

How many have you written?

How many books have you read?

How many headings have you come across?

Don’t put blame to habit of no reading

Put it consumed in your laziness to open one

Consider it your stagnant point if you haven’t touched a pen to living

Many stones need relocation

Many pages need editing

Many headings need replacement.

Don’t be scared people will criticize your book

That’s the only way to becoming experienced and competent

Start now reading the book

Edit headings and publish your thought to the history of your life

Be the legend to your own action

Locate all the stone un-replaced

Find valuable ones and turn them to Gold.

Life is just so amazing

If we don’t leave no stone unturned.

Written by Felix Massinda


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