I`m on my way…

There has been a lot of confusion and discouragement towards achieving the goals we set everyday for our future life to hold. There are people will face you with negative ideas and attitudes towards yor dreams and plans.

Generally, everyone has his/her own dream to reach and in many ways almost all have their way to achieve them, some might either be appropriate or inappropriate but thats the way to their dream.. i am not going to judge that.

However, There will come a time that you trully need to sit on top of the world yet your not there… in that sense, you gotta keep moving as other people will pass you on the journey… if your not moving.

Stand up and never say never, keep pushing and keep moving on… be smarter on your decision and fight harder to go to dream destination. Don`t stop untill you hold it dear in your heart…

Life will not let you achieve your dream easily as you are not the only one struggling to achieve the best in life.

Be your own coach and driver towards your best in life… People will come and say you cant do that but all planned and given passion is possible to achieve above limit…

I am on my way to my dream… i have BIG dreams that i wont rest untill i achieve… set yours and join me in the fight to fight for what we want our lives to hold.

Its time….


Written by Felix Massinda


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