Endless Hope….

At times e get scared to start something new because we are so used to the old style of life forgetting we are missing a lot and becoming so lame and useless to the new world we are leaving in…

We loose hope because we became so lost in fields we tried so hard to prosper, mistakes and faults we went through are still judgemental into recent situations of life. despite saying “I AM FINE” everyday when we are asked so… Life is not what it looks on the outside…. it`s because the true hope we need is not we what we embrace at the moment. We became so lost into the pretending life most people practise to be seen okay in front of the eyes of the people. This kind of hope is temporary.

However, the only true hope we need to live with is the kind of hope that satisfy our conscience and create a genuine smile on our faces, the kind of hope that free us from misery and locked future. The kind of hope that opens the chains of decadence. Let love and honesty flows in your body, until when you have nothing to hide at all…. Endless hope will be at your door step.

Lets not make decisions that we are going to regret but rather those which will enlighten the road to happiness and freedom of soul. Live the purpose…


Written by Felix Massinda.




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