i have been wondering lately

on the things at hand end on

the ones i done may be too early

but here am stranded

in between roads knowing

not step to take

and if it will end my life nearly

or it will succeed speedingly..



we are all living things

still dependent on another for being

survival and movements

for our up going or down lowering

bt wat we do when things don’t turn upright

when the cause of our pains,disappointments and hustings

are the one we hoped they will turn us to better positions,

better situations and even better beings

we get out down and lost in miseries

and later forgetting our worth and purpose of our beings….


am not to tough for u to be hard on me

am not to mature to make you oldie

i am what i am…

you can mend me the way u see fit

don’t hate,blame others for ure defeat

they are there to make u fit

get a strong hold,courage and even fist

to stand,experience and even fight for it

cause am no option since u r here

u have to fit…

i am the only way u have to lead



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