Tips to Learning new Language

It inspires seeing an adult putting  enough time to learning, not given time at work rather five or ten minutes to learn a new thing. It takes more time to learn though wasted time of all, is the time gone with unnecessary use of daily planned activities.

Not only learning needs dedication and devotion to it, but also our daily lives including job, family and many of the sorts, so as to achieve the goals, we need to be visionary of our own.

I remember my time in college; I tried so hard to learn French though I wasn’t as anxious as I am now. I need within time to come… my French needs to flow nicely from my tongue and that’s what I need.

On top of all, I have tried to analyze some few tips that I think will be useful to those who needs to learn new foreign language. Here come the tips

  • Practice makes perfect: I understand it is an ancient word though it`s meaning is still alive and very useful. A language does not appear magically, it comes through lots and lots of practice. “Practice, practice, Practice” Language won’t come as easy as we might think, however when we start using it in our daily life, it will come in time and will become as fluent as others.
  • Don’t be embarrasses. Many people particular as they get older, are reluctant to practice a foreign language because the fee; shy or are anxious to making mistakes. Without mistakes, we cannot understand how far we can go or how much more we can embrace.
  • Have fun: enjoy the experience. If approached like a dull and wearing some task, studying a language will not be effective and your motivation will weaken. There are plenty of resources available into the learning process. Language learning is  not a test, you need to take pleasure in it.
  • Customize your learning experience. Everyone learns in different ways, so it is best to experiment until you find what works best for you. Plan your language learning in a way that suits you and your daily routine.
  • Use the language regularly. Like your car, failing to take your language for a regular spin can make it sluggish and rusty.
  • Be realistic. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Set clear and realistic targets.
  •  The past is no guide. Some people think because they did not manage to learn a language at school, they will not be able to do so in later life. However, lots of people who did not do well at school learn a language when they are older, partly thanks to enjoyable and effective modern methods and a greater motivation to learn.
  • New thinking. Learning a language also entails learning to understand other ways of thinking and doing things.
  •      Immerse yourself. Expose yourself to the target language as much as possible.

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