I love you… Really?

Well, i would like to say it loud and clear….

In our today`s life, i mean every day that passes us alive, choices are becoming our greatest partners. We decide how our life should go and how to manage them every now and then. We drive it in anyway we can. Through them, in time, we discuss with people while sometimes we dont feel happy with the decision we make because thats` when we choose the path to our future lives.

For many reasons, we have turned our feelings into products and put them in the market. People purchase them for sometime and dump them for renewal processes. We disvalue our own quality and that cost us everyday.

Lets be frank, at times we make those choices because we do not want hurt someone, we want to make them happy, or because we need a shortcut to life, or carried away by pleasure that take away our purpose to life. Forget all those things and start making a right choice.

We can not satisfy everyone, be it our siblings or friends. Make a decision that wont cost you later, choices that make you happy and have meaning to your purpose. These are the right choices we need to make because even when something went wrong, you wont regret as much as you could have when you chose something less important to your purpose.

So, how will it be?

Keep someone happy while deep in your heart hurts you the most? Telling people you love them while deep inside your heart you wish they were dead or you use them temporary? where is the point to having something temporary and put yourself in the position to be the talk of the day?

Do not pretend, be realistic and be your own. People, will like you and hate you no matter how much you try to please them, either way, it is your life.

You might come to realise when time is gone, really gone and you cant undo it… while it would have costed you enough.

Be real, be yourself, dont sell your feelings for temporary things, dont waste your time for something unworthy. When you find where your heart belong or where your true purpose lies, dont waste them. Stick to them because thats worthy living a happy life.




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