Does my Faith bother you?

I have come across the word “Faith” today….

I understand people have different belief towards their spiritual journey, i also have mine so that helps.

I have seen people in different scenarios discussing and trying to despise other people`s faith; busy arguing where they come from and trying to prove that their faith is better than the other, trying to despise others as they know nothing about faith.

To be honest; Faith is a complicated thing, mostly when we believe things that we can not prove they existed before us(or still exist). I know that there is power above us, the most powerful. I know you might wanna know how i know this right? Well! i believe it because, since i started to wonder where are men coming from, how it happened for us to exist in the world, how do i come from someone`s womb. i mean scientist tried to prove our existence and they end telling us we have shifted from Baboons to human. its something i dont wanna understand.

I understand, there is power above that has created us and that is why i breathe, i survive. This is my faith, i believe everyone else has his/hers.

why would you come out, infront of all people trying to prove that someone else`s faith is wrong? where are all the insecurities coming from? What`s the angle of all that? if i believe in trees to be my god, why are you bothered? that`s my faith right?

So, lets believe in our faith, there are more than hundred religions in the world and almost all have their Faith and god they believe in. Let them, thats theirs. Believe in yours. As i believe the great purpose of religion in the world is to bring peace and harmony among nation, lets not be the catalyst to destroying what had been created.

Lets believe in our faith and let other believe in their…


Written by Felix Massinda


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