What legacy will you leave behind?

Well, i woke up so late this morning, feeling lazy and tired. an awkward feeling popped to my head that i should keep on sleeping. despite knowing i have a long day ahead, commitment i made to my life and all people who could be waiting for me at work.

I thought of what would have been my legacy when i get in my old age, what would make me proud share the happy moments with my grandson and daughters.

My answer was, i cant prepare to blame the time in the past for things i made irrational decisions for, rather the ones i made right call.

You see… i have realized, life cant be complete in one night struggle, be it you are the president of the country or a family parent. All that matters, is what you do to create the better you, because at the end of the day, you will be counted for what you have done rather not what you will do.

It`s time now…

Its time to make a plan that will save a lost coin in your pocket and give it a re-birth, give it a value and make it shine out of million. work hard to create a life smile on your face, that will push you going however, staying and hope for things to change is trying to carry the earth on your shoulder.

Live good, Be good

Honesty and being truthful are the best policy in a life time… Make yourslef a temple of good fortune and fruits of life will be flawless to you and your kin.

Create eternity legacy in your life time and you will never die in people`s lives.

Leave behind the endless living legacy, not the dying root on the rock legacy.


Written by Felix Massinda


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