…one day…


this ins`t funny

not funny at all

i brought you up

i gave you life

i sacrificed the hell out of my life

i was called names for you

life was harder on my neck

been so good to you

tried to provide you with any good you asked

is what i get in return?”


life was never good from the first place

slept in the streets

sending me to beg across the roads

spending my childhood feeding you?

what`s good of you anyway?

saw friends going to school

all you could was life wasn`t good to us


My son, everything has it place

i cant place an ocean in one bucket

i was born in the streets

i barely knew my parents

streets became my palace ever since

none came out good

spent my life wondering if you would have a home

here we are

same i words i spoke to my parents

don’t worry

they will be spoken by sons too


no, they wont

it want meant to be

it will never will

life is struggle


never leaving a stone in a day

in time

all will be well

i will work

support you

serve you from this misery

and one day

we will sleep under the roof

no rain will befall us

sun wont burn on our bare heads

just us having playing

your grandsons and daughters

will cover you with hugs and kisses

telling you stories they heard from school

and you will tell them how you rose me

how life stroke us and we stood firm

and that`s when we will sing

a song to our achievements

eating the fruits of our struggle

flourishing smiles on our face

and forever together we will be.


Written by Felix Massinda


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